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September Reading Roundup — Crisis Management, Twitter, Transparency and Equifax

With the PRSSA 2017 National Conference happening this week, it is important to be up-to-date on industry news as you network with members and professionals. Below are eight pieces you have missed this month. Three Ways Brands Can Be More Authentic in the Age of Misinformation By: Hamish McCollester Publication: Spin Sucks This article discusses […]

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Using the Code of Ethics to Inform Your Leadership Style [National Assembly Recap]

Session: Ethical Leadership: Using the Code of Ethics to Inform Your Leadership Style Presenters: Jo Ann LeSage Nelson, APR, Vice President, Client Services, Pierce Communications; Heather Harder, Senior Account Executive, Prosek Partners; PRSSA 2016–2017 Vice President of Advocacy Andrew Cook; PRSSA 2016–2017 Vice President of Professional Development Liz Skeele; PRSSA 2016–2017 Vice President of Career […]

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An Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ PR Flops

The campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were each clouded by controversy and punctuated by different scandals, and as public relations practitioners it is important that we acknowledge how these issues were handled. The candidates spent copious amounts of time and energy to build their self images and to brand themselves. So the question […]

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Ethics Every Day: An Ethics Q & A With Public Relations Professionals

Ethics month is a great time to learn about ethics, but how are you going to use them when you graduate? Why does PRSSA and PRSA put so much emphasis on ethics? Here are two professionals to help answer questions related to using ethics in public relations.   Cole Buergi (CB) is the vice president […]

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Honesty and Truth: A Practitioner’s Dilemma

Public relations practitioners are faced with dilemmas on a daily basis. Choices must be made to determine what medium will be most effective to disseminate a message, or what strategy of crisis management to initiate after an incident. Decisions go beyond strictly business and stray into the areas of ethics and moral decisions. Good public […]

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Five Avoidable, Ethical Dilemmas for Interns

As student interns honing our skills in preparation for our professional career, it is likely that we will experience situations with unethical aspects. We need to know and be comfortable with how to overcome these challenges. Free Flow of Information The free flow of information includes a wide range of issues, such as disclosing yourself […]

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The Public Relations Battlefield

In May 2010, I joined a student journalistic embed with the Minnesota National Guard.  An embed is a militaristic term that means I lived in the barracks, ate MREs (meal, ready-to-eat) and experienced a military lifestyle, while improving my journalism skills during crisis, high-stress situations. For five days, I did field reporting work as an […]

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The Media’s Low Accuracy Perception

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press recently released a report detailing how Americans view the media in different categories, including accuracy and bias. In short, the 2009 report revealed that Americans have very negative and pessimistic attitudes toward the media. The number of people who trust the media are continuing to […]

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Interns Caught in Ethics Scandal

In case you missed the uproar this weekend, Techcrunch, a popular technology blog that often reports about bad public relations practices, posted a story that alleges a public relations firm uses its interns to post positive reviews on the iTunes app store for clients. According to Techcrunch, interns monitor message boards and gauge online communities […]

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Recent Blogosphere Happenings

In the past several weeks, some major changes and developments have occurred within the blogosphere. Both of these directly affect public relations in some way, and each problem questions the integrity of the profession. Here are the main points of each argument as well as a glass-half-full perspective of what future blogger relations could look […]

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