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Joining the Environmental Bandwagon: What You May Have Missed

It is no secret that brands are slowly moving to environmental issues. There have always been brands, such as Patagonia, Starbucks, L.L. Bean, and lesser known, Apple, which incorporate the environment into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In diving deeper into this subject of environmental CSR policies or just brands trying to be as kind to the […]

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An Audience Missed in a Protest

The Energy Transfer Partners applied for permission to build a 1,172-mile pipeline in 2014 that was going to cross four states. This issue with the pipeline was in North Dakota and it would interfere with a Native American tribe’s (Standing Rock Sioux) reservation as well as possibly damage their water reserve. The potential for the […]

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Same Language, Different Strategies: What It’s Like to Work in the UK

Graduate programs for international public relations are few and far between and while I’m not an expert when it comes to international public relations (or an expert when it comes to graduate school…), I’ve discovered that programs are rare because international communications is a skillset that is only perfected by experience. As a recent public […]

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How Your PR Skills Can Help You Plan Your Next Event

  One of the best parts about studying public relations is becoming equip with an array of skills that transfer into several different business areas. One of these areas is event planning. Whether you work as a public relations professional for a nonprofit, agency and everything in between, you will most likely come across a […]

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PRSSA Recruitment 101: Building Your Brand on Campus

One of the most popular questions I’ve been asked recently is how to recruit members. While every Chapter is unique and has different needs to meet, here are some basic tips that can help you get started. 1. Identify your target audience. Are you looking to recruit freshmen? Seniors? People of other majors? Decide what […]

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The Value of Promotions

When planning an event, no matter the size, the success or failure can largely depend on promotions. Promotions are the key to making others aware of your event and the value it can bring to the attendees. Behind each promotional tool is also a strategy to reach your target audience. Here are a few ways […]

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