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Five Ways to Declutter your Personal Space and Harness your Chi for PR

Are you having difficulties getting started on a project or a new goal because of a cluttered desk for journaling or a piled up “floordrobe” for yoga? Decluttering your personal space, whether at home or the office, has many benefits. Keep reading to find out why and how to get started. Chi is the living […]

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Puzzling Together a Communication Plan

Writing a communication plan is standard for public relations practitioners. A communication plan serves as a blueprint for how one will implement a campaign. It takes careful planning to construct and attention to detail before implementing. This is also the case when composing a puzzle. To begin, a practitioner has to have a client to […]

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The Revival of the #IceBucketChallenge

In the summer of 2014, #IceBucketChallenge was trending and over 17 million people dumped ice on their heads (or a friend’s) in the name of raising money for ALS research. This viral craze raised over $115 million and the funds did not go to waste. Two years later, the ALS Association has made a breakthrough […]

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No Need To Panic: Crisis Communication Strategies [National Conference Recap]

Session: No Need To Panic: Crisis Communication Strategies Presenters: Peter M. Macias, Director of Communications at American Red Cross Evan Nierman, Principal at Red Banyan Group Recap: A crisis can be any situation or event that has the potential to impact your brand in a negative way. As communicators within our organization, we have the […]

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C-Suite to Business Consultant: Four Communication Practices That Work

As a business consultant and corporate communication strategist, I consider myself lucky. Before leaving the C-suite and going into my own practice, I was fortunate to work for a corporation who believed good communication was paramount to their success. I was able to see how consistent, relevant and engaging communication can rally employees, foster pride […]

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Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Firm

Whether a part of a student-run firm or a professional agency, public relations practitioners are often required to know how to use social media for their clients. However, we sometimes get so wrapped up in social media plans for our clients that we may forget about our own social media outlets and efforts to promote […]

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How to Succeed by Creating an Annual Plan

Ready to learn the proper way to create an annual plan to guide your Chapter to success? These steps and examples will help you develop a plan for the year. For those who have taken a public relations campaigns class, this may look familiar. For those who have not, or for those who need a […]

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