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High School outreach goes virtual during COVID-19

A Creative and Thoughtful Way of Giving Back PRSSA lists all the requirements to be named an outstanding Chapter. But, do we really know what it takes? It takes vast amounts of hard work, determination, and articulate communication, but mainly compassion and perseverance by students who are immersing themselves in their education and community. Obtaining […]

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What it Really Means to be a Star Chapter

The James Madison University Chapter of PRSSA has won five Star Chapter awards in a row, but it’s not the recognition that has meant the most to us. When you break down what it means to be awarded Star Chapter, you realize what it’s all about: giving back and making a difference. First of all, […]

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Star Chapter: It’s More Than a Certificate

Earning the Star Chapter Award is an accomplishment for PRSSA Chapters throughout the Society. Every year, Central Michigan University’s Chapter of PRSSA works hard to fulfill the requirements and has received the award every year since 2017. The Star Chapter Award is one of the most prestigious awards a PRSSA Chapter can receive. The purpose […]

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PRSSA’s National Initiatives: Participate and Apply for Star Chapter

All Chapters and members are encourage to participate in PRSSA’s National Initiatives as we continuously strive to accomplish more as a Society each year. There are plenty of ways to engage by becoming involved on the National level. Implement just a few of these Initiatives and your Chapter may be on the way to achieving […]

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How Executive Boards Can Utilize the Summer

As the 2011-2012 vice president for the Illinois State University Chapter of PRSSA , I knew how much work being the president for 2012-2013 would be. However, by reflecting back on my experience as VP, I knew that the best way to combat a stressful school year would be to make the most of the summer. Here are a few […]

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How To Solve Your PRSSA Questions

As an organization with more than 10,000 members and more than 40 years history, PRSSA offers countless benefits and resources, some that members may not fully know or understand. If you have a PRSSA question, below are four ways you can find the answer: Ask Chapter Leaders First Whether you are a returning or new […]

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6 Recruitment Strategies To Kickstart the Year

Recruiting new members can sometimes be a challenge, and with the new school year coming up, it’s probably crossed your minds. Do not fret! These are some basic and simple ideas that can be adapted to work with any Chapter. 1. Go to ALL communication classes Visiting a class is a great recruitment tactic. It’s […]

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