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Drop it Like a Squat: Five PR Lessons from Fitness Influencers

If you have an interest, you can bet that there is an Instagram influencer or two that share it. For me, that interest is fitness. Every time I open Instagram’s “explore” tab, I find myself scrolling through hundreds of inspiring workout videos and gym selfies. While this serves as great motivation to get active, it […]

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What Political Communications is Really Like in the Donald Trump Era

Who can reach more than 73 million people in the world through social media, with 43 million of these people reached on Twitter alone? President Donald Trump does. Many say Trump’s uncanny ability to communicate through speech and social media won him the presidency. Believe it or not, Trump made a lasting impact on political […]

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Creating Your Personal Brand

First thing, establish what your personal brand is. According to The Balance, a personal brand is defined as, “how you present yourself online and offline.” Now that we’ve established what exactly a personal brand is, let’s focus on the best ways we as PRSSA members can build ours. Decide on your skillset. Before you can […]

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Success in Digital Media [National Conference Recap]

Session:  Success in Digital Media: Improve your Presence on Internet as a PRSSA Chapter Presenter: Universidad de San Martin de Porres In this session, attendees learned that developing a strong presence on social media does not happen overnight. It takes a team of people to help create and manage online content. For example, Universidad de […]

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5 Ways Starbucks Successfully Markets PSL

As the days continue to cool and the brisk wind stirs the fallen leaves, nothing feels cozier than cuddling up by a fireplace with a blanket and warm drink. While some people’s warm drink of choice may be hot cocoa or tea, many people are welcoming the changing temperature with the staple drink of autumn […]

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Como dice el dicho: “No puedes amar a alguien, sin primero amarte a ti mismo.” Por ello es muy importante manejar nuestra propia imagen y reputación como buenos profesionales, antes de manejar los valores intangibles de una organización. La importancia reside en que tu marca personal (y cómo un tercero la entiende e interpreta) repercutirá […]

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September Reading Roundup — Crisis Management, Twitter, Transparency and Equifax

With the PRSSA 2017 National Conference happening this week, it is important to be up-to-date on industry news as you network with members and professionals. Below are eight pieces you have missed this month. Three Ways Brands Can Be More Authentic in the Age of Misinformation By: Hamish McCollester Publication: Spin Sucks This article discusses […]

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Myths vs. Facts of Search Engine Optimization

When you have a question, where is the first place you look? You probably don’t call up your local public relations professional. You’re far more likely to open up Google and start searching. Once you find a promising snippet, you click and land on an organization’s page. Now you’re on their turf, surrounded by the […]

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Podcast with the Pros: Heather Whaling

Heather Whaling, CEO and founder of Geben Communication, takes the German root of her company’s name to heart. Geben, which means “to give,” focuses on providing its employees with a quality work experience. She also focuses on this meaning throughout other aspects of her life. Heather is an advocate for women and girls in the […]

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