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When Blogs Break the Rules: The Huffington Post Adds a Snapchat Button

When rules are created and the major social media players draw lines, innovative companies figure out ways to beat the system or use these new standards to their advantage by doing what has never been done before. One platform with restrictions is Snapchat. This social media platform is evolving and growing at such an accelerated […]

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The Return on Investment of National Conference

In 45 days, approximately 1,000 PRSSA members from across the country will gather to attend the PRSSA 2009 National Conference in San Diego. Even though it’s my third Conference, I know this will be a valuable experience and such a great opportunity for me to grow as a young professional. It’s not always easy to […]

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The Value Of Public Relations: Lost Or Not?

Mark Taylor, a recent graduate from Florida A&M University and PRSSA member, wrote in to ask if the public relations profession has lost its true value. Here’s what he had to say: As it stands, the average person seems to think of public relations as either being a spin-doctor or being just like marketing. This […]

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Issues Facing the Profession

Last week, the Counselors Academy, a PRSA Professional Interest Section, released survey results discussing the top three issues facing the profession. Check out the PRSA release describing the survey and how it was conducted. Also, for reference, the full results of the survey can be found here. According to the survey, the top three issues facing the profession […]

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