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First Annual #PRSSABowl Recap

With the launch of the first annual #PRSSABowl to accompany the big game, members discussed commercials from a public relations standpoint. Check out the recap below to see what members said about their favorite and least favorite commercials of the night. [View the story “First Annual #PRSSABowl Recap” on Storify]

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Five Tips for Succeeding in the PRSSA Day-Of Competition

I participated in the PRSSA Day-of Competition at two National Assemblies. The first year, I came into the competition not knowing what to expect, and my team didn’t fare too well in front of the judges. The next year, I entered the competition armed with the lessons I learned from the first try. This time, […]

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Intern Talk: Crafting a Standout Résumé

The process of applying for jobs can be overwhelming due to the many variables – especially with résumés – that can affect your hiring potential. If you prepare and research in advance, it is much easier to craft a résumé that stands out among the rest. Remember that it’s not all about you On its surface, a […]

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Helping Your Chapter Grow: Twitter Analytics

Twitter might have only quietly released its new Twitter Analytics to the public, but the effects of this feature could make a major bang on our Chapters’ social media presences. The new Twitter Analytics not only records your account’s retweets, replies and favorites; it also shows the numbers of clicks each of your links received, […]

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Four Tips From Recruiters to Secure Your Next Internship

Recruiters and human resources staff are often overlooked but are vital to a career in public relations. For many companies, these are the people who decide if your résumé is “worth” sending on to the desired internal teams. For this reason, it is important to network with these professionals when you’re at PRSSA, PRSA or […]

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Four Tips for a Successful Bateman Campaign

Are you thinking about competing in the Bateman Case Study Competition? Bateman is not for the faint of heart, but if done right, you can walk away with an extremely valuable experience. These are some tips I came away with after my experience with Bateman last year: 1. Make the Commitment If you are going […]

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10 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship [Video]

Every student has a dream internship in mind, or even simply the dream to have an internship, regardless of your dream follow these tips to gain an internship that will enhance not only your resume, but also your career. What tips do you have for students trying to land an internship? How have you successfully […]

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5 Things to Bring to Your Next Interview

You have been told not to show up to an interview empty handed – but what does that mean? You want to present the most polished version of yourself in your interview, whether for a job or an internship. These are the five things you should never go to an interview without: 1. A professional […]

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8 Tips for Writing a Regional Conference Bid

Interested in hosting a PRSSA Regional Conference next spring? Hosting a Regional Conference is a great way for your Chapter to gain valuable event planning experience while networking with other PRSSA Chapters and professionals from your region. Whether this is your first year bidding or you’ve been through this process many times, here are eight […]

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A Day in the Life of a Brand Marketing Professional

When I say I work in brand marketing public relations, I tend to get a lot of questions: “What does that mean?” “You do what?” “What products do you work on?” All are valid questions for those not experienced in this area of the world of public relations. As an assistant account executive (AAE) at […]

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