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Ryan Kahn’s Secrets to Landing a Job After Graduation

*Editor’s Note* A similar version of this article first appeared on Careerealism. Have a Unique Story One of the greatest assets you have when looking for your first job — and every one after that — is your life experiences. Who you are, and what makes you unique and interesting, is something all employers seek […]

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How To Survive Post-Grad Changes

By senior year, a glimpse of the real world begins to creep its way into your collegiate life. In the second semester, you may be experiencing sheer panic because the glimpse is now a bright and blinding light beaming down on you. Do not close the curtain because now is your time to shine. You […]

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Progress After PRSSA: New Pros Interview with Lyndsey Sager

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. Lyndsey Sager, a senior at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, had the perfect post-graduation job lined up. Just weeks from her December 2013 graduation date, her job fell through. Lyndsey accepted that she might be in the job […]

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How to Make The Best of Pursuing a PR-Related Major

When researching for a volunteer opportunity, internship, or entry-level job you are more than likely to scroll to the qualifications section first. Often, one of the bullet points will state a requirement such as “working towards undergraduate degree in a related field of public relations.” However, in the past I have been denied an opportunity […]

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Why You Need a Post-Graduation Break

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. With the start of spring semester the “G” word hangs heavy in the minds of college seniors. Job searches, polished cover letters and countless interviews are inevitable over the next few months. Excited as you may be about landing […]

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Interviews Aren’t Just for Jobs: Enhance Your Professional Development with Informational Interviews

This last year, I’ve made a significant effort to schedule informational interviews with people in my area of interest. In an informational interview, the student leads the show. It’s an ideal opportunity to ask questions, make connections and build relationships.  I always look forward to these meetings because I learn something new each time, and […]

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Intern Talk: Navigating Tough Conversations

Internships and job searches both bring with them the need to broach difficult topics with your supervisor. Though important discussions regarding full-time employment, salary and job searching can be scary, avoiding them may lead to more difficulty down the road. Open conversations are always a good policy. Getting Feedback Opening yourself up for criticism – […]

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Know Your Worth

Due to the competitive nature of finding a job, students are at times subjected to unreasonable internship work environments. As students, we may not realize how valuable we are and find ourselves in positions that we are advised to avoid. I interned at a startup product marketing and public relations company where I learned a […]

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It’s Never Too Late To Return To College

It is humbling to look around the room and realize that you are a decade older than most of your classmates. Being older is intimidating, but I have learned that my age offers a perspective that many of my classmates do not have. Below are some of the things I learned as a 30-something college […]

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From Intern to Full-Time

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. In the public relations industry, intern experience is typically a vital component to landing an entry-level position, especially at a big agency. If you’re already interning at your dream company, you can take the right steps to make your […]

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