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Interviews Aren’t Just for Jobs: Enhance Your Professional Development with Informational Interviews

This last year, I’ve made a significant effort to schedule informational interviews with people in my area of interest. In an informational interview, the student leads the show. It’s an ideal opportunity to ask questions, make connections and build relationships.  I always look forward to these meetings because I learn something new each time, and […]

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Intern Talk: Navigating Tough Conversations

Internships and job searches both bring with them the need to broach difficult topics with your supervisor. Though important discussions regarding full-time employment, salary and job searching can be scary, avoiding them may lead to more difficulty down the road. Open conversations are always a good policy. Getting Feedback Opening yourself up for criticism – […]

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Landing the Internship…After Conducting an Interview

I have been a project manager since May for Utah Policy Daily, a publishing branch of The Exoro Group, a public affairs firm in Salt Lake City. The opportunity came to me before I was actually interviewed for the position. In fact, it was the opposite. Several actions led to obtaining the internship, the first […]

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Know Your Worth

Due to the competitive nature of finding a job, students are at times subjected to unreasonable internship work environments. As students, we may not realize how valuable we are and find ourselves in positions that we are advised to avoid. I interned at a startup product marketing and public relations company where I learned a […]

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Intern Talk: Tapping Into the PRSA Network

We all know learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. And similarly, learning doesn’t just happen by interning. Becoming a young, successful professional requires a combination of things, including learning from experienced professionals. As a nod to PRSA/PRSSA Relationship Month, here are a few ways you should consider expanding your network to grow and learn […]

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From Intern to Full-Time

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. In the public relations industry, intern experience is typically a vital component to landing an entry-level position, especially at a big agency. If you’re already interning at your dream company, you can take the right steps to make your […]

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Intern Talk: Dealing with Unethical Practices at an Internship

As public relations students, we learn about ethics as it relates to school and PRSSA. But what happens when an ethical dilemma actually arises in the workplace? Navigating the ins and outs of propriety at internships is difficult; thus, dealing with unethical or questionable practices takes forethought, commitment to upholding the ethical values of the […]

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Utilize the PRSSA Internship Center in Six Easy Steps [Infographic]

Finding an opportunity on the PRSSA Internship Center is easier than you think. All PRSSA members and affiliate members have access to the Internship Center to use as a resource in career preparation. Follow the instructions in the infographic below to login and begin your search today.  

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Intern Talk: 3 Ways to Develop Professional Skills Without an Internship

As vice president of career services, my goal is to provide PRSSA members with the tools to secure internships and make the most of their professional experiences. I am excited to re-introduce Intern Talk as a monthly column on Progressions, which will tackle various aspects of the public relations industry. Gaining professional experience is an […]

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The PRSSA Internship Center Unveiled: Three New Features

PRSSA National recently launched a new and improved Internship Center website for members and Affiliate members. The website interface was redesigned and simplified with the needs of PRSSA members in mind – finding internships has never been easier. Here are three features of the new Internship Center that will streamline your internship search. Upload your […]

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