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My Virtual Internship With the State Fair of Texas

  This past semester led to a new and unusual college experience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. My bedroom became my classroom and my class discussions became Zoom breakout rooms. As the world moved virtual, I wondered what the future of internships would hold. As a college student, internships are a vital way to gain real-world […]

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Part 2 — Intern Talk: A Peek Behind the PR Recruitment Curtain

This is Part II of “Intern Talk: A Peek Behind the PR Recruitment Curtain,” a two-part series for Progressions. In last week’s “Intern Talk,” Christine Godbey, human resource specialist for Ketchum/Zocalo Group, shared her answers to questions regarding public relations recruiting. This week, she has even more answers to your biggest recruitment questions to help […]

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Part 1 — Intern Talk: A Peek Behind the PR Recruitment Curtain

Have you ever wondered what was going through the head of a public relations recruiter while searching for an internship or job? Now is your chance to get answers directly from a professional who spends her days recruiting talent for a Chicago public relations agency. Christine Godbey, human resource specialist for Ketchum/Zocalo Group, shared her […]

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Intern Talk: How to Start Your Internship Right

School’s out for summer, and you’re ready to dive into (or may have already started!) a summer public relations internship. Start the experience right with these tips from current and former PRSSA members from across the country. Don’t be afraid to ask questions Starting a new internship can be intimidating, but you’re not expected to […]

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Ace the Audio and Visual Interview Process

When applying for jobs and internships, often the first round of interviews is via phone or Skype before you’re invited to the office. You also may have two or more rounds of phone or Skype interviews if you are applying for a position in another state as well. Here are a few tips to make […]

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How To Survive Post-Grad Changes

By senior year, a glimpse of the real world begins to creep its way into your collegiate life. In the second semester, you may be experiencing sheer panic because the glimpse is now a bright and blinding light beaming down on you. Do not close the curtain because now is your time to shine. You […]

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Intern Talk: Interview Dos and Don’ts

You did your research and found the perfect summer internship. Now — after spending countless hours preparing a flawless application — you’ve been asked back to interview with the team you would be working with. What best practices should you know going into the interview? Below are a few dos and don’ts to keep in […]

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Five Lessons I Learned at My Internship

You don’t have to have all the answers, but you need to know how to find them. Also known as being resourceful, knowing how to find answers and solutions has become one of my top skills since becoming an intern. The Internet is surprisingly unhelpful in some situations, so don’t use it as a crutch. […]

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Progress After PRSSA: New Pros Interview with Lyndsey Sager

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. Lyndsey Sager, a senior at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, had the perfect post-graduation job lined up. Just weeks from her December 2013 graduation date, her job fell through. Lyndsey accepted that she might be in the job […]

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How to Make The Best of Pursuing a PR-Related Major

When researching for a volunteer opportunity, internship, or entry-level job you are more than likely to scroll to the qualifications section first. Often, one of the bullet points will state a requirement such as “working towards undergraduate degree in a related field of public relations.” However, in the past I have been denied an opportunity […]

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