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Sports PR [National Conference Recap]

Session: Sports Public Relations Presenter: Nikki Barjon, The Barjon Group Recap: What’s the key to a winning team? A successful coach with a game plan. The same goes for getting your public relations career up and off the ground. To get to that game winning moment or championship ring you need to prepare a game […]

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The PR playbook: Getting a PR Internship in the NFL or NBA

Everyone knows the greats — Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Fans also know about the years of dedication, hard work and trials these players had to go through. However, more often than not everyone, super-fans and media included, forget about the other hundreds of players that these sports legends had to surpass to become […]

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Ethics in Professional Sports

It’s hard to turn on ESPN these days without hearing the latest scandal that has surfaced in one of the main professional sport leagues. We’ve seen it in the NFL with Deflategate, many times in baseball with PED and steroid use and with former LA Clipper owner, Donald Sterling in the NBA. Yes, there seems […]

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