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3 Ways Technology is Shaping the Modern Office

Over the past ten years, technology has changed drastically. Now more than ever, professionals are using technology in the workplace for a variety of daily tasks and ongoing projects. Below are three ways technology is shaping the modern office. 1)    Increased Connectivity. Microsoft and Google’s suite of products allows for modern employees to work simultaneously […]

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We Get It, You’re Busy

As public relations professionals, we aren’t strangers to the idea of a busy lifestyle. We are constantly checking emails, staying ahead of industry trends and updating our very organized planners. And while we know how busy we are, it’s important to remember that others don’t have to. Why? Busyness doesn’t equal status. Where the notion […]

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Four Tips to Skyrocket Productivity During Finals Week

The secret doesn’t lie in a nifty app that blocks your access to distractions. It doesn’t lie in your ability to focus hardcore during the week preceding finals. Nor does it lie in your intense all-nighters, complete with sugary energy drinks and a plethora of tasty snacks. The secret to staying productive during finals week—and […]

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The Public Relations Battlefield

In May 2010, I joined a student journalistic embed with the Minnesota National Guard.  An embed is a militaristic term that means I lived in the barracks, ate MREs (meal, ready-to-eat) and experienced a military lifestyle, while improving my journalism skills during crisis, high-stress situations. For five days, I did field reporting work as an […]

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