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Using Public Relations to Advance Student Affairs Activities

The Student Affairs Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) defines student affairs as, “educational partnerships and academic support programs that promote student learning and help students integrate academic development and personal growth.” Student affairs professionals apply public relations without even knowing it. An advising center typically will host an event to encourage students to […]

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From Resident Assistant to PR Professional

Many college students apply to become a resident assistant (RA) for the perks — which often include free room and board. What they should be thinking about is how the job can benefit them in their future careers. As a resident assistant at La Salle University, here are five skills I believe that becoming a […]

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What Diversity on Campus Means to You: Kent State PRSSA

It seems like diversity is one of the hottest topics right now — and it should be. It’s important to interact with people from diverse backgrounds whose opinions differ from your own. For the 40,000 students that make up Kent State University’s eight campuses, diversity unquestionably plays an important role. Since the Kent State student […]

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