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Three Ways to Get Involved With Your Local PRSA Chapter

This piece is part of the new series, New Pro? No Problem: The PRSA New Professionals Guide to Success. Graduation is around the corner and the job search is on! But what happens after you secure your first gig? It is important to stay involved in professional organizations like PRSA even after graduation for continued […]

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Maintaining Your Personal Brand: New Year, Same You, Just Better

This piece is part of the new series, New Pro? No Problem: The PRSA New Professionals Guide to Success. Before I finished my graduate degree, my final project included building an online portfolio, refreshing my resume and updating critical social media platforms like LinkedIn. It was the perfect opportunity for me to consider all the […]

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New Pro? No Problem

Breaking into the real world is a lot less like a break-in and a lot more like a lonely drop off. Learning how to navigate the professional world, work culture, workplace competition and your actual job duties can be challenging. Lucky for me, I’m surviving it all so here’s a few tips and some truth […]

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Tips from New Professionals [National Conference Recap]

Session: Tips from New Professionals Presenters: Laura Daronatsy Fooks, Communications LPD Associate, Lockheed Martin; Chad Furst, Communications Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton; Andrea Gils, Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Kentucky International Center; Veronica Mingrone, Digital Analyst, Canvas Blue Recap: Laura Daronatsy Fooks, Chad Furst, Andrea Gils and Veronica Mingrone, all accomplished new professionals, offered […]

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City Series: Pittsburgh is a Melting Pot of Opportunity

I’m your typical Yinzer (Pittsburgh’s version of y’all)—born and raised in Pittsburgh. While I was growing up, Pittsburgh was still recovering from a regional depression. Over the past decade, however, the city has made a serious comeback. In recent years, we’ve been named America’s most livable and most affordable city, among many other honors. Perhaps […]

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PRSA Sections Series: Joining a Network of New Professionals

If you have ever wanted to know more about the different types of public relations careers straight from professionals, then the PRSA Sections Series is here to help. The PRSA Sections Series highlights the 14 different PRSA Professional Interest Sections. Each month, two professionals will commentate on their specific subcategory of the industry in a […]

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Getting Hired by Being Yourself: Tips from a New Professional

If you want to land a job in public relations, you need to know how to write engaging copy. You need to understand target audiences, and how to reach them through a variety of tactics. And of course, you need to be professional, smart and a hard worker. We all know these things, but there’s […]

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5 Reasons to Take a Post-Grad Internship

After being involved with your PRSSA Chapter and interning during college, being an intern following graduation may not sound too appealing. But the right internship will offer you much more than mastering the copy machine. You might be working at the bottom of the food-chain, but having the ability to learn on the job is […]

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International Public Relations: Combining My Love for Travel and My Passion for Public Relations

Each morning I walk down cobblestone streets, board a trolley car, pass the royal palace and head to my internship where I can look out of my window to a fjord from the North Sea. Now let me start off by saying, I didn’t know anyone in the company prior to my start and I […]

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Day in the Life Of: Mike DeFilippis Gives a Sneak Peek Into Agency Life

I hate clichés, but I’m going to start with one. Working at an agency, there really is not a typical day. A lot of people say that, but I genuinely mean it because agency life, although sometimes stressful, is so unique. That said, I don’t want to talk about just one “day in the life,” […]

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