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PR Playlist Additions

Music is powerful. It can uplift us when we’re sad, motivate us during our workout and simply make us feel good. People have playlists for just about every occasion: road trip, gym, homework and, of course, the weekend. But have you ever thought about what your work playlist would consist of? Well, I sure have! […]

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City Series: San Francisco Isn’t Just for Tech Lovers

As a California native, it was only a matter of time before I found my way back home. Not long after graduation, here I am in San Francisco, some eight hours north of where I was born. If you are a soon to be a graduate and are debating where to go after receiving your […]

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City Series: Why Seattle is One of the Top Cities for Millennials Working in Public Relations

In a survey of 500,000 Millennial workers, PayScale ranked Seattle as the top city for Millennials to meet people their own age, max out their pay and avoid lengthy commutes. Most students I talk to want to move to New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago or Los Angeles, but few actually mention Seattle. I’ve lived in […]

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