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How Mentors Guided GM Communications Coordinator to Dream Job

The difference between getting an internship at your top pick company and settling for one of your lower choices often comes down to knowing the right people. You’ve heard over and over again about the importance of networking and mentoring, but have you seen any real-life mentoring success stories? In a recent interview, Chris Bonelli, […]

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Learning Lessons Outside of the Classroom

We all know what it’s like to sit through classes that don’t seem to connect with our careers. There comes a time when students have exhausted their opportunities for classroom learning and must make their entrance in the real world. Professors have experience, but no one can give practical advice like those who work in […]

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Intern Talk: How to Maintain Your Network

When Brian Price spoke at the University of Florida earlier this semester, he discussed with us the many networking opportunities within PRSSA. He shared the strategic approach he uses to maintain contact with those he meets. Intrigued by his approach, I asked the former PRSSA National President and current co-chair of the Champions for PRSSA […]

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Surviving Corporate Public Relations as a Newbie

I am approaching my third year of working in the corporate world of communications.  Here are a few pointers I picked up along the way, which are helpful no matter what industry you end up in as a new hire: Dress the part: If you dress as though you are in a position of authority, […]

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Stay Connected with PRSA Beyond October

This is the last of five posts relating to PRSSA/PRSA Relationship Month. First, we gave advice on how to participate in Relationship Month. We then invited a member of the PRSA New Pros to give advice on social networking. Then, we gave advice where you can find a mentor. Last week, Sarah Norton from Belmont […]

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Avoiding Unethical Situations At Work

Below is a guest post from Vice President of Advocacy Janelle Huelsman. In the most recent PRSSA blog post, Nick Lucido writes about a recent ethics scandal involving a public relations firm that allegedly used its interns to post positive reviews on the iTunes app store for its clients. As Nick mentions in the post, […]

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