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Intern Talk: The Fine Art of Balancing Personality and Professionalism

The ones who have tackled this have gone on to become chief communications officers, public relations specialist or, in the case of Leah Seay, a public policy communications assistant manager at General Motors. Although I had only previously met Leah through a phone call that lasted no more than ten minutes, I was in awe […]

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How I Quit My Job

I quit my job last month. It was a great job, too — decent pay, plenty of learning opportunities, amazing people to work with. So why did I quit? Because I’m a public relations student. How I got here. I’m currently a senior studying public relations at The University of Alabama. I count my blessings […]

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How To Prepare for an Internship

Finals are over, interview stress has passed and it’s time to, as I like to say, put on your big girl (or guy) pants and get ready for a summer of learning. The application and interviewing process required a lot of research but you’re not done yet. This is where you can dive a little […]

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Six Ways to Start Off on the Right Foot at Your Summer Internship

Early mornings, long days, quick lunch breaks and a whole slew of other things you didn’t expect. That’s right; you’re an intern now and no longer can you strategically schedule your classes so you don’t have to get up until noon. Internships come in all shapes and sizes. In other words, all internships are different. […]

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Sharpen Your Networking Skills, Get Noticed by Professionals at National Conference

With PRSSA 2014 National Conference quickly approaching, I am sure you are actively counting down the days until your trip to Washington, D.C. As part of your Conference preparations, I hope that you’re also thinking about how to make the most of the opportunities that you will have to interact with the 2,000-plus public relations […]

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Ace the Audio and Visual Interview Process

When applying for jobs and internships, often the first round of interviews is via phone or Skype before you’re invited to the office. You also may have two or more rounds of phone or Skype interviews if you are applying for a position in another state as well. Here are a few tips to make […]

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How To Survive Post-Grad Changes

By senior year, a glimpse of the real world begins to creep its way into your collegiate life. In the second semester, you may be experiencing sheer panic because the glimpse is now a bright and blinding light beaming down on you. Do not close the curtain because now is your time to shine. You […]

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Why You Need a Post-Graduation Break

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. With the start of spring semester the “G” word hangs heavy in the minds of college seniors. Job searches, polished cover letters and countless interviews are inevitable over the next few months. Excited as you may be about landing […]

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Five Tips to Stand Out as a Super Intern

About to start your internship?  Stand out above the rest by following these five tips. 1. Show up early and leave late. Maybe not EVERY day, but as much as you can. Taking on a small project that may require you to spend 10 extra minutes at work won’t overwork you. Running out the door as […]

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PRSSA Through a Mentor’s Eyes

The following is a Q&A between FORUM Editor in Chief Ashley Mauder and Jennifer Braner, an account/media intern at marketing and brand communications agency Harris D. McKinney. Braner graduated from DePaul University in 2012, where she served as the vice president of Chapter programming. Since graduating, Braner continues to serve as a mentor to PRSSA […]

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