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How a TikiTok Meme Became the Number 1 Song in America

One thing that I’ve realized during my time as a public relations and emerging media student is that social media is an incredibly powerful and driving force in modern culture. The most striking recent example of this is the rise of the recent number 1 song in America. Lil Nas X’s Old Town Roadstarted as a […]

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Managing Chaos: Why Every College Student and New PR Grad Should Work in an Emergency Room

Recent college grads and current students seeking to develop a wide variety of skills often think they have to apply to Fortune 100 companies to gain credible experience. Yet, most often overlook amazing small companies, organizations and institutions right in their backyard. Contrary to the career tracks of most PR & Communications professionals, my career […]

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Fitting in an Internship on a Busy Schedule

Maximum credit hours, PRSSA meetings, homework and the list goes on – PR majors are busy. While your classwork and PRSSA involvement can boost your resume above the rest, an internship may be the critical piece needed to land your dream job down the road. While many think that squeezing in an internship may seem […]

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What I Learned From My Less-Than-Spectacular Internship

Last fall, I interned at a small public relations agency. In all honesty, I didn’t know much about the company. I knew I needed an internship and I really didn’t care who it was with or what I did. Throughout the internship, there were days I sat at my desk wondering, “Am I the problem?” […]

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How to Follow Up After an Interview

So you’ve applied for a job or internship, submitted writing samples and maybe conducted a first-round phone interview. Now what? While it seems like the “hard” part of the process is over because everything has already been submitted, the waiting has begun. To me, this is actually the most challenging and vital stage of the […]

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How to Nail Long-Distance Interviews

Internship and first job interviews can be a challenge, especially if you go to school far from home or your dream company/city. There are two common long-distance interview types: phone and Skype, and each can have a unique set of challenges. Below are some key things to do before, during and after an interview, collected […]

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They’re Just Not That Into You: Persevering in the Internship Search

Applying for internships is meant to test a lot of things: experience, skills, patience and even the number of times you’ll proofread your own resume, to name a few. However, I wasn’t prepared for the constant string of rejections that led me to test my own self-worth as a future industry professional. And there was […]

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An Underclassman’s Perspective of Com Day 2012

Before I joined PRSSA, I was unaware of the many resources available to help me launch a successful career in the communications field. After attending a few PRSSA events, including Purdue University’s Regional Conference, Com Day, I realized these resources represented many of the important reasons to be a part of PRSSA. At Regional Conferences such […]

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