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Intern Talk: Navigating Tough Conversations

Internships and job searches both bring with them the need to broach difficult topics with your supervisor. Though important discussions regarding full-time employment, salary and job searching can be scary, avoiding them may lead to more difficulty down the road. Open conversations are always a good policy. Getting Feedback Opening yourself up for criticism – […]

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Know Your Worth

Due to the competitive nature of finding a job, students are at times subjected to unreasonable internship work environments. As students, we may not realize how valuable we are and find ourselves in positions that we are advised to avoid. I interned at a startup product marketing and public relations company where I learned a […]

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Intern Talk: Tapping Into the PRSA Network

We all know learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. And similarly, learning doesn’t just happen by interning. Becoming a young, successful professional requires a combination of things, including learning from experienced professionals. As a nod to PRSA/PRSSA Relationship Month, here are a few ways you should consider expanding your network to grow and learn […]

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Growing Up: Three Reminders for the New Pro

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. As we take our first steps into the real world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our industry and to get swept away by deadlines and projects. Many young pros have this tendency […]

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Part I: Business Etiquette FUN-damentals

Who holds the door? Who gets on an elevator first? What do I do with my napkin when I need to excuse myself from the table? Do I pass food to my right or left? Do I have to go to another networking event? Questions of business etiquette plague all of us – from those […]

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Five Things to Consider Before Accepting an Internship Abroad

Internships are a fantastic way to gain valuable work experience – especially if you decide to intern abroad. However, before you accept an offer, my colleagues and I at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau in the United Kingdom recommend you consider these five crucial factors before accepting your place. Relevance Is the content of your internship […]

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The Toe Tapper, the Pen Clicker and the Gum Smacker – Office Meeting Etiquette for Everyone

Whether it is an employee conducting a staff meeting, or a professional organization hosting a monthly luncheon, the “office meeting” can come in a variety of forms. Regardless of who, what, when and where, there are simple rules to follow to ensure you make the most of your meeting and allowing others to do the […]

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Three Classes You Should Take Before You Graduate

It sometimes surprises me that classes that seem at first glance to not relate to public relations can provide us critical skills and insights that can help us become better in our field. While there may be many class subjects that help you in this regard, I am going to recommend three. These three subjects […]

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Honesty and Truth: A Practitioner’s Dilemma

Public relations practitioners are faced with dilemmas on a daily basis. Choices must be made to determine what medium will be most effective to disseminate a message, or what strategy of crisis management to initiate after an incident. Decisions go beyond strictly business and stray into the areas of ethics and moral decisions. Good public […]

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Three Tips for Making the Most out of a Networking Event

Many networking opportunities exist for students, such as conferences, conventions, mentor shadowing days and agency tours. It is important to shine at these events, as the connections you make could later help your professional career.  Here are three tips to consider when attending your next networking event. Do Your Research Before going to your event, […]

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