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Four Things the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Good Public Relations

Love them or hate them, there is no doubt you know them. The Kardashians are America’s most famous family and have become a household name throughout the world. Their million-dollar empire is based solely on one thing — good public relations. The time Kim “broke the Internet.” In 2014, Kim Kardashian graced the cover of […]

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Climb the Ladder by Saying These Six Things to Your Boss

I’ve spoken with a lot of college students over the years. One of my favorite questions they ask me is “what are you looking for in an ideal employee?” I love the question for a number of reasons because even the fact that they’re asking me a question like this is one of the things […]

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Keynote Speaker, Scott Thornburg, APR [Leadership Rally Recap]

On the last day of PRSSA’s Leadership Rally, all attendees heard from Scott Thornburg, PRSA National Board Director-At-Large. Currently, Scott lives in San Francisco, CA and is the Senior PR Manager at Sojern. Sojern is a big-name travel data company that utilizes programmatic buying and machine learning technology. First, Scott discussed his upbringing and the […]

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Intern Talk: How to Measure Success During Your Internship

So you’re halfway through your dream internship; now what? There are numerous ways to gauge how you are working — thriving — in your internship. The important thing is that you are measuring your work. Whether it’s for a resume, LinkedIn or end-of-internship evaluation, you should keep track of your accomplishments, challenges and goals. Set […]

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Dealing With Conflict In Your Chapter

In any group or organization full of passionate leaders, conflicts are bound to surface. PRSSA Chapters are no different. Conflicts will happen. It is best to deal with them upfront and fast. If you have a problem in your Chapter, talk to your Chapter Adviser first and foremost. Your Adviser should provide knowledge and advice […]

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Building a Strong Foundation for the Future

During the summer months, I encourage everyone to start planning for the future and begin making strategic moves in your Chapter. As your Chapter begins planning for the next semester, start thinking about decisions that will have an effect on your Chapter in the future. One thing that we, as leaders, need to consider is […]

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What To Look For In An Internship

Are unpaid internships better than paid internships? Is it better to work in an agency or a corporate setting? What kinds of opportunities will provide the most experiences? During the internship search, there are many different ways to gain public relations experience. Whether you’re working for a corporation, agency or nonprofit, internships are not likely […]

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After Your Internship: The Do’s And Don’ts

During the next several weeks, many of our members will finish up summer internships and get ready to head back to school. With moving, roommates, last-minute errands and vacations distracting us, it’s easy to lose focus by the end of an internship. However, it’s important to leave a lasting impression with your coworkers — one […]

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