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Insights from the Day-of Competition [National Assembly 2019 Recap]

You’ve paid your registration fee, booked your hotel and are on your way to Assembly. You go to your first meeting and walk out unsure of how you can apply what was spoken about to your career. The next meeting leaves you feeling the same. But the next meeting is different. The speaker gives a short […]

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Saying ‘No’ to the Boss: Building Your Ethics Portfolio

In its most recent report, the Commission on Public Relations Education recommended adding a course in ethics to the core PR curriculum. According to the Commission, ethics is “more essential than ever in our current age of disinformation, alternative facts and ‘fake news.’” Of course, ethics has always been essential to professional success in public […]

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Capstone Agency CreateAthon Launch Recap

This year is the beginning of the partnership between PRSSA National and CreateAthon, and I had the unique opportunity to experience this both as a part of The University of Alabama’s Nationally Affiliated Student-run Firm, Capstone Agency, and the 2016–2017 National Committee. It was 24 hours of creativity, bonding and service that I cannot say […]

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Learn to Pitch a Story Like a Baseball Player: With Fastballs, Curves and Change-Ups [National Conference Session Recap]

Event: Perfecting the Pitch Presenter: Dr. Joseph V. Trahan III, APR, Fellow PRSA, President and CEO, Trahan & Associates Recap: What is the recipe for a perfect pitch? Like baseball, pitching a story has a certain art and science to it. Public relations demands practitioners who are capable of pitching a great story. For the […]

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How My Job in Retail Prepared Me for a Public Relations Internship

Working in retail means interacting with all types of people, and responding to all sorts of situations. I spent three years working in retail and ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. However, last summer, I was hoping to secure an internship and it didn’t happen. At first, I was disappointed, but […]

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How to Practice Your Public Relations Skills Without a Student-Run Firm

Every public relations student dreams of having a great portfolio to bring with them to job interviews, but this is easier said than done. If your Chapter doesn’t have a student-run firm, there aren’t a lot of obvious ways to give your members experience and pieces for their portfolios. One source of experience is to […]

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Putting the Person Before Their Disability

This post is part of diversity series for Progressions. Advocacy is one of the six pillars in the PRSA Member Statement of Professional Values in the PRSA Code of Ethics. As public relations professionals, it is our duty to support those who may need our skills most in whatever way we are able. Using our […]

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Welcome to the Wide World of Public Relations

What is a public relations professional? Are they communications specialists, practitioners, press secretaries, public affairs specialists, journalists, media specialists or publicists? The answer is yes – all of the above! These are all titles that can be synonymous with public relations. The diversity within the public relations industry is immense. From social media to event […]

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Advocacy 101

As future leaders of the public relations industry, we must understand that advocacy is essential to a client’s success. As developing professionals, we need to learn what advocacy is and how it can be applied to real world practice. To do this, let’s take a look at the definition of the word: The act of […]

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