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State of the Society Address [National Assembly Recap]

Session: State of the Society Address Presenter: Emma Finkbeiner, PRSSA 2016–2017 National President; Joe Truncale, CEO, PRSA Recap: PRSSA is striving to grow, which is why our goals are the key to success in every Chapter. PRSSA’s new goals include reputation, thoughtful leadership and service. While you might think these goals are just phrases, they […]

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City Series: Getting Connected to the Public Relations Scene in Atlanta

Atlanta has a history of reinventing itself, and right now it’s a sprawling city with a very diverse population. This fall, Atlanta will also be home to both the PRSA International Conference and PRSSA National Conference. It’s a great opportunity to check out all the jobs, sample the exciting lifestyle and learn how to network […]

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Chapters Commemorate Betsy Plank by Celebrating #BetsyDay in Unique Ways

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Fall in Love With PRSS(bae) This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, singles awareness day or “the day before chocolate goes on sale.” Whatever you call it, this day focuses on love, adoration and over-priced dinners from restaurants with dim lighting. This year, instead of binge-watching Netflix and drowning yourself in tears, focus on the things that make you happy and the things that have […]

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Looking Ahead to the Future of PRSSA

  “Membership starts with you.” That’s the first line of the PRSSA membership guide. After joining PRSSA in 2010, I quickly discovered that statement’s meaning. There were plenty of membership benefits waiting. I just had to take the initiative to access them. Now that I’ve begun my second year on National Committee, the meaning of […]

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No Chapter? No problem. How to Make the Most of PRSSA Affiliate Membership.

Since 2006, PRSSA has provided an opportunity for college students interested in public relations, but without a university Chapter, to join the Affiliate program. Through Affiliate membership, students gain access to numerous benefits enjoyed by Chapter members. If you are a current Affiliate or considering joining PRSSA, here are some tips to make the most […]

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Maintain a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Your PRSA Sponsor Chapter

Editor’s Note: To commemorate PRSA/PRSSA Relationship Month, PRSSA is running a series of posts on how to grow your relationships within the profession. An archive of PRSSA professional development posts can be found here. More information also can be found in the PRSA/PRSSA Relationship Manual. One of the greatest benefits of being a member of […]

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Help Leave Our Mark on Philadelphia

With a few short weeks until National Conference, there are a lot of things to prepare. Your list is probably topped with cleaning up your résumé, compiling a wardrobe and mapping out your touring schedule. But before descending upon Philadelphia, you and your Chapter should prepare for the PRSSA 2013 Community Service Initiative. What is […]

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PRSSA [Podcast]: Recruitment and Membership Diversity

Recruitment is a key skill for every PRSSA Chapter to have. PRSSA Podcast host Austin Malcolm explores the importance of recruitment including membership diversity and helpful tactics to increase Chapter size. This podcast is joined by Regina Flanigan, University of Texas at Austin vice president of Chapter Development. How important is recruitment to your Chapter? What creative ways does […]

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Three Ways To Benefit From Chapter Connections

As students and pre-professionals, we’re told how important it is to network with experienced practitioners; however, connecting with your peers from other Chapters may be just as beneficial. I have learned so much by networking with PRSSA Chapters from across the country at PRSSA National events and local Chapter mixers. Here are a few benefits […]

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