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Ending the Decade on the Right Note

As 2019 came to a close, so did a decade of social activism, public relations insightfulness and public relation campaign innovation. From 2010 to 2019, we witnessed incredible partnerships and the magic of the Internet: international connection and unity through conversation. The Team Trees initiative ended the year doing just that — creating a collective […]

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Dr. Devin Knighton

Dr. Knighton’s Networking Tips in the Age of Coronavirus

If there’s any silver lining to canceling virtually every in-person event due to COVID-19, it’s that public relations students can delay typically awkward in-person networking attempts. Events like conferences are great networking opportunities in theory, but they’re daunting and hard to navigate in actuality. According to Dr. Devin Knighton, an award-winning public relations professor at […]

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Graphic from learn.gr.com contrasting public relations to advertising

Breaking Public Relations Stereotypes

There are many myths people outside the communications world believe about public relations professionals. I am here to debunk a few of these stereotypes. 1. Liar, Liar. The No. 1 stereotype of public relations professionals is they spin the truth and display dishonesty. This could not be further from the truth. Public relations people are […]

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Your Boss was an Intern too, Once.

So you’ve locked down that internship. Your perfect cover letter, resume and portfolio did the job and your interview couldn’t have gone better. The dream internship is finally in your lap and you are antsy to start. Before you jump the gun and sell your soul to your new job, take a step back. Because […]

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A-list Celebrities Are Out of Your League – Here’s How it Can Benefit You

When Kylie Jenner likes a product, we all like it. Or at least that’s what we all used to believe. Looking at the millions of likes and followers she sustains, you’d think her sphere of influence is incredibly large. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But consumers these days are getting smarter. When Jenner says she […]

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All Industries Can Benefit from the PRSA Code of Ethics

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what PRSSA was all about when I first joined. I knew I wanted to be more involved on campus and as a PR minor, joining simply made sense. It wasn’t until afterward that I found out just how respectable and professional the organization and its members are. I […]

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Reverse Marketing: An Unexpected but Very Effective PR Strategy

In today’s world full of advertisements and public relations techniques, how do you stand out when it seems like every company is doing the same thing? It can seem almost impossible to stand out or to make a lasting impression on an audience. In 2017, Patagonia stood out by doing something very unusual. They ran […]

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Twitter logo

Career Development Month — Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Career Development Month Twitter chat, “The Future is Ours.” This chat was hosted by the official PRSSA Twitter account (run by Vice President of Digital Communications Carolyn Lok). The Twitter chat was run using the hashtag #PRSSACDM, and highlights from the chat can be found below (or here). For more information […]

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Local Bands and the Art of Self-Promotion

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone better at self-promotion than a local musician. With tight budgets and probably not a whole lot of public relations experience, it’s interesting to see the ways artists have found to promote themselves. Having worked closely with local bands as a music journalist for a little over a year, […]

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Five Easy Ways Canva Can Help Branding

College students looking to work in public relations (PR) need to understand the advantages of good branding. When done properly, a symbol, color pattern or font can draw to mind a specific company, even when used in an unrelated way. Think of the classic “Disney font” or the red and yellow that McDonald’s uses. Every […]

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