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Launching Your Career and Defining Your Brand During COVID-19

As rising public relations professionals, we are always looking to continue our professional development and further enhance our brand. This year the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption for many, and our industry is no exception. Many students have seen internships canceled and recent graduates are facing the tall task of finding a […]

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Five PR Skills to Build at Your Non-PR Part-time Job

Whether it be working a part-time job for extra cash or juggling multiple gigs in order to help your family or even working for enjoyment, people don’t always have a job in their career field. However, amidst pressure to gain real-world experience and hone the necessary skills for a communications profession, many may feel like […]

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Three Ways to Get Involved With Your Local PRSA Chapter

This piece is part of the new series, New Pro? No Problem: The PRSA New Professionals Guide to Success. Graduation is around the corner and the job search is on! But what happens after you secure your first gig? It is important to stay involved in professional organizations like PRSA even after graduation for continued […]

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The PR Professional’s Guide to Work Life Balance

Apply for jobs and internships, network, start a blog, read trade publications, rework your resume, update your LinkedIn—is anyone else exhausted? As aspiring PR professionals, we are constantly on the go and competitive by nature. Between writing your next content calendar and copy editing that press release, it can sometimes feel like we never catch […]

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Chatting with the Champions — Twitter Chat Recap

https://storify.com/prssanational/chatting-with-the-champions-twitter-chat-recap#publicize   Thank you to everyone who participated in our event planning Twitter chat. Specifically, we’d like to thank our co-hosts Vice President of Career Services Demi Wolfe (@DemiWolfe62) and Vice President of Digital Communication JaCey Yonke (tweeting from the @PRSSANational account) for guiding the conversation. Be sure to join us for next Twitter chat […]

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Vacaciones de verano: Cómo convertirte en un profesional más atractivo

Lo único que nos ayudará a sobrevivir en un mundo tan competitivo como el nuestro es DESTACAR. Pero, ¿cómo destacar a través del CV? A lo largo de estos últimos años, he leído muchos artículos sobre cómo redactar el CV de tal forma que el reclutador no dude en llamarte. Diseño sobrio y sencillo, foto […]

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Finding a Company Culture that Fits You

There are many important things to consider when applying for an internship or job. There are the basic requirements like salary and location but there is another important piece to the puzzle—company culture. Many people emphasize the importance of company culture; however, few people know how to find the right one. Get to know yourself. […]

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Why You Should Invest in #PRSSANC

Attending the PRSSA 2017 National Conference is one of the best things you can do for your college and professional career. Between the professional development sessions, social networking events and more, you will have countless opportunities to grow personally and launch your future career. However, it can be difficult to make that initial investment of […]

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Alternate Routes to Your PR Path

Here you are at the finish line of your academic PR journey. You put in the blood, sweat and tears into earning your degree. Fresh out of college and ready to immerse yourself in the working world, you may ask yourself: Well, what now? By the time I graduated from the University of Florida’s College […]

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Intern Talk: How to Bounce Back After Rejection

“Thank you for applying, but we have decided to move forward with other candidates.” After months of applying to agencies across the country, perusing the Internship Center for countless hours and practicing interviews with family and friends, my last hope of getting my dream internship disappeared when I read that sentence. Had I wasted all […]

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