How to Turn Your Passions into a Career

It’s another family gathering. The aunts, uncles and grandparents are all asking the same questions: How’s school? Are you interning? What’s your major again? Will you find a job? What do you want to do after graduation? Are you excited about what you’re doing? With all of these questions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and […]

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Five Ways to Declutter your Personal Space and Harness your Chi for PR

Are you having difficulties getting started on a project or a new goal because of a cluttered desk for journaling or a piled up “floordrobe” for yoga? Decluttering your personal space, whether at home or the office, has many benefits. Keep reading to find out why and how to get started. Chi is the living […]

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PRSSA’s Best and Brightest: March Internship Review

It is beginning to look a lot like…spring time! Do you know what that means? Internship hunting season is in full bloom. If you are looking to move to a new, cool city or stay in your loving hometown, there may be an internship just for you. Although it is April, there are still numerous […]

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PR Roundup March 2019

Getting into college? Lori Loughlin says “You got it, dude!”             Full House star Lori Loughlin was among many stars to catch media attention this month in a college admissions scandal. Loughlin was charged with bribing her daughters’ way into the University of Southern California (USC) by paying for them to appear to be on the crew team. […]

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AP Style Quiz No. 10

Test your knowledge in our latest AP Style Quiz! – Emma Ingram is the 2018-2019 Publications Editor in Chief for PRSSA National.

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If You’re Happy, I’m Happy

We all want to be happy. Husbands want their wives to be happy, parents want their children to be happy and dogs want their humans to be happy. And you, a fantastic PR pro, want your audience to be happy. In 1998, Martin Seligman was the president of the American Psychologists Association. His most notable […]

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An Informed Voter Is an Invested Voter: What You Should Know for the PRSSA 2019 National Assembly

The annual PRSSA National Assembly is set to take place April 4–7 in Portland, Oregon. In preparation for the event, it is crucial that all Chapter delegates review the 2019 Situation Analysis and the delegate packet in its entirety. Below are three pieces of information that all delegates should be familiar with. Preparation Session If this […]

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Fitting in an Internship on a Busy Schedule

Maximum credit hours, PRSSA meetings, homework and the list goes on – PR majors are busy. While your classwork and PRSSA involvement can boost your resume above the rest, an internship may be the critical piece needed to land your dream job down the road. While many think that squeezing in an internship may seem […]

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What I Learned From My Less-Than-Spectacular Internship

Last fall, I interned at a small public relations agency. In all honesty, I didn’t know much about the company. I knew I needed an internship and I really didn’t care who it was with or what I did. Throughout the internship, there were days I sat at my desk wondering, “Am I the problem?” […]

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From Mega to Nano: The evolution of influencer marketing

Determine which type of influencer is right for your PR needs Three months ago The New York Times released an article on nano-influencers and cemented this group of social media underdogs as the newest installment in the influencer evolution. This addition comes hot off the heels of micro-influencers, who were in the spotlight for most of […]

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