Together is Much Better

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.” Have you ever heard this quote? The main purpose of this expression is to point out the fact that if you want to change the final result, you need to change the way you do things. In a globalized, well-connected world, we are always surrounded […]

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Dr. Devin Knighton

Dr. Knighton’s Networking Tips in the Age of Coronavirus

If there’s any silver lining to canceling virtually every in-person event due to COVID-19, it’s that public relations students can delay typically awkward in-person networking attempts. Events like conferences are great networking opportunities in theory, but they’re daunting and hard to navigate in actuality. According to Dr. Devin Knighton, an award-winning public relations professor at […]

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Karen Mateo

Women in Leadership in Public Relations: Karen Mateo, CCO, PRSA

So, at this point, we all know (or hopefully should know) that there is a diversity problem in public relations senior leadership. Not only does this impact brands reaching target audiences, but it hinders the development of aspiring leaders and the future success of the industry. When there is no representation, it makes it harder […]

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Terrell F. Merritt standing in front of a plaque with the logo of City College of New York

Growing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a person who is known on campus for spending more time than necessary at school, I have been struggling to adjust to being confined to my apartment. I am one who appreciates certainty and direction, so constantly hearing that the COVID-19 pandemic is a “dynamic situation” causes some anxiety. Despite the fear and concerns, […]

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The Death of Mr. Peanut

For some brands, killing off a mascot or undergoing a significant change happens slowly and relatively behind the scenes because companies don’t want to receive bad feedback from their stakeholders. Things like the slow demise of Ronald McDonald or Dunkin’ officially dropping “Donuts” from its name are almost forced on a company by the public […]

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Teahan Award Presented for “Sawyers Day” Success

The Dr. F. H. Teahan Chapter Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of PRSSA Chapters in 12 categories each year: Outstanding Chapter, Chapter Firm, Chapter Development, PRSA/PRSSA Chapter Relationship, Community Service, University Service, Chapter Diversity, Chapter Newsletter, Chapter Website, District Conference, Chapter Faculty Adviser and Chapter Professional Adviser. This past year, Grand Valley State University […]

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Graphic from contrasting public relations to advertising

Breaking Public Relations Stereotypes

There are many myths people outside the communications world believe about public relations professionals. I am here to debunk a few of these stereotypes. 1. Liar, Liar. The No. 1 stereotype of public relations professionals is they spin the truth and display dishonesty. This could not be further from the truth. Public relations people are […]

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Your Boss was an Intern too, Once.

So you’ve locked down that internship. Your perfect cover letter, resume and portfolio did the job and your interview couldn’t have gone better. The dream internship is finally in your lap and you are antsy to start. Before you jump the gun and sell your soul to your new job, take a step back. Because […]

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Star Chapter: It’s More Than a Certificate

Earning the Star Chapter Award is an accomplishment for PRSSA Chapters throughout the Society. Every year, Central Michigan University’s Chapter of PRSSA works hard to fulfill the requirements and has received the award every year since 2017. The Star Chapter Award is one of the most prestigious awards a PRSSA Chapter can receive. The purpose […]

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PRSSA PRoud Month — Twitter Chat Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our PRSSA PRoud Month Twitter chat, “Loud and #PRoud: The Importance of D&I in the Industry.” This chat was co-hosted by Vice President of Diversity of Inclusion Adriênne Bolden (@leverage_miami) and Vice President of Digital Communications Carolyn Lok (tweeting from @PRSSANational). The Twitter chat was run using the hashtag #PRSSAPRoud, and highlights from […]

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