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Hasta ahora las Relaciones Públicas son tomadas como una simple cortesía por parte de los comunicadores, la profesión se sigue “vendiendo” como una simple fachada para quedar bien ante otras empresas. Es momento de cambiar esa perspectiva. Muchos de nosotros, en algún momento, pensamos que las Relaciones Públicas son el simple ejercicio de vender una […]

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3 Ways Technology is Shaping the Modern Office

Over the past ten years, technology has changed drastically. Now more than ever, professionals are using technology in the workplace for a variety of daily tasks and ongoing projects. Below are three ways technology is shaping the modern office. 1)    Increased Connectivity. Microsoft and Google’s suite of products allows for modern employees to work simultaneously […]

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Success Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility [PR in Peru; RC Recap]

Session: Success Stories of Corporate Social Responsibility Presenters: Milagros Zamudio (Member of the Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative) Miguel Narváez (Head of CSR and Sustainability at Cencosud) Leyla Perea (Head of the Fundación Telefónica Volunteers programme) Ricardo Cuba Garcia (General Manager of CTC Consultants) On the last day of the Conference, we had the […]

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The Importance of Storytelling: Why do we Love Stories?

Do you remember the 2015 Extra Gum commercial? What if I asked, “do you remember the Extra Gum commercial where two kids fall in love?” If you’ve seen the commercial, then it probably feels like a story you could never forget. That’s because our brains love stories. Stories actually engage more parts of the brain, […]

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10 Steps to Create a PR Program Plan

Looking for an organized way to plan a professional PR event without forgetting anything? Follow this 10-step guide to ensure you include every necessary aspect in your plans. This will blow your client away and help to ensure that you achieve all of their goals. Public Relations is a process so you need to have […]

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Dear Class of 2019

As a soon-to-be college graduate (I see you, May 4, graduation day), I feel like I am entitled to pass on a few words of wisdom and advice to you upcoming seniors. These past four years have flown by (cliché I know but true). Looking back on my college career, there are aspects I know I […]

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Young PR Professionals Reach New Heights: Tips on Taking the Certificate Examination

As a marketing major and graduate, my pursuit of the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations was an enriching and rewarding experience, which provided me with a deep foundation in methodical thinking and an understanding of strategic communications. This knowledge has enhanced my ability to interact and engage others through meaningful and efficient messaging. More than […]

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Build Your Foundation: Three Crucial Career Buildings Blocks You Can Strengthen by Getting the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far, but this isn’t the end of your journey yet. There are three major things that you will need to have a strong career – Knowledge, Credibility and Confidence. Here’s how getting the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations can help build your foundation for a more successful career. Knowledge […]

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PeeR Mentoring

When you think of a mentor, you probably imagine someone established in their career with a keen sense of the PR landscape and a respectable list of connections. This past year, thanks to PRSSA, I’ve developed a different kind of mentor/mentee relationship—one with a peer and fellow Regional Ambassador. Lenie and I became fast friends […]

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The Psychology of Public Relations

People ask me many questions about majoring in both public relations and psychology: What do those two have in common? Aren’t those both easy majors where you can only go to graduate school before finding a job? The two fields play into each other more than many people realize. Psychology is an important tool to […]

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