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City Series: St. Louis Is More Than Flyover Country

When searching for a job in public relations, St. Louis is probably not at the top of your list. Often overshadowed by nearby Chicago, St. Louis is truly more than “flyover country” and has much to offer both young and seasoned professionals. It’s more than the home of America’s largest monument, the Gateway Arch, or […]

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City Series: Phoenix, the Bustling City with Lots to Offer

I moved to Arizona from Minnesota when I was 9 years old. At the time, my knowledge of the “old west” was gleaned from what I saw on television or in the movies. I envisioned riding a horse to the one-room schoolhouse, miles away. And that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Our bustling […]

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City Series: Washington, D.C. Boasts More Than Public Affairs and Healthcare Opportunities

For someone who never planned to make a home in the Washington, D.C., metro area, I’ve been here an awful long time — 12 years and counting. Here’s a secret: D.C. was never high on my list of places to live. I had nothing against it, it simply didn’t make it onto my radar screen. […]

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City Series: Public Relations Thrives in Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America

If you’re like many public relations students, you may feel you should move to a big city such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Atlanta to have a flourishing career after you graduate. I thought that, too. I went straight to New York City after graduation to work at a public relations agency. However, […]

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City Series: New York City the “Spiritual Heart” of Public Relations

Undoubtedly, you probably already have an opinion of New York City. Maybe you’ve visited and seen the tourist sights. Maybe you’ve never been but know you’d love it or hate it. Maybe you think that “Seinfeld” and “Sex And The City” are documentaries. The truth is—New York City is what you make of it. I […]

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City Series: Greater Fort Lauderdale a Vibrant Place for Young PR Pros

Greater Fort Lauderdale is hot! Move over, snowbirds. Greater Fort Lauderdale (in Broward County, Miami’s neighbor to the north) has earned its spot as vibrant place for young professionals A bit more relaxed than Miami, Greater Fort Lauderdale is a bustling city with a spirit all its own.  Not surprisingly, the city adopted “Sunny” as […]

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City Series: Pittsburgh is a Melting Pot of Opportunity

I’m your typical Yinzer (Pittsburgh’s version of y’all)—born and raised in Pittsburgh. While I was growing up, Pittsburgh was still recovering from a regional depression. Over the past decade, however, the city has made a serious comeback. In recent years, we’ve been named America’s most livable and most affordable city, among many other honors. Perhaps […]

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City Series: San Francisco Isn’t Just for Tech Lovers

As a California native, it was only a matter of time before I found my way back home. Not long after graduation, here I am in San Francisco, some eight hours north of where I was born. If you are a soon to be a graduate and are debating where to go after receiving your […]

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City Series: Why Seattle is One of the Top Cities for Millennials Working in Public Relations

In a survey of 500,000 Millennial workers, PayScale ranked Seattle as the top city for Millennials to meet people their own age, max out their pay and avoid lengthy commutes. Most students I talk to want to move to New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago or Los Angeles, but few actually mention Seattle. I’ve lived in […]

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City Series: Making a Public Relations Career in Denver

As a Colorado native, I’m here to tell you I live and work in the best place. That may be a little biased, but the facts below will corroborate that statement. Let’s start with opportunity.   Denver’s unemployment rate is 4.2 percent and has even been lower in recent months. That’s more than a full […]

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