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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Student-run Firm

The best way to learn public relations is through application and experience. Thankfully, through professional organizations like PRSSA, students are able to equip themselves with the necessary skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing public relations industry. As the Faculty Adviser of Stockton University’s  3-year-old PRSSA Chapter and 1-year-old Student-run Firm, I am grateful for all […]

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Things Nobody Tells You When Starting a Student-Run Firm

The University of Nevada, Reno Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA Nevada)’s student-run firm Wolf Pack Relations, just turned one on Jan. 20.  To celebrate I thought I’d share what I’ve learned that’s not in the handbook about the process of starting and running a firm. You will contemplate getting a second minor in […]

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Benefits of Working For Your Student-Run Firm

As public relations student, I’ve spent the last several years working for my university’s student-run public relations firm. Regardless of the number of internships or volunteer work you have done, I highly encourage being a member of your university’s firm. Here are a few reasons why: Gain leadership experience Whether you’re sitting in a classroom […]

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Maximizing Value Is Key to Maximizing Profit in a Student-Run Firm

“Maximize profits! Create shareholder wealth!” Sounds a lot like your intro to economics class, right? These are the values driving many businesses today. Whipped into a frenzy by the single-minded pursuit of these goals, organizations often end up sacrificing good judgment, value and, ultimately, the very success they were striving to achieve. By focusing their […]

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Strengthening the Relationship Between Chapter and Firm

Though you may not realize it, PRSSA Chapters and student-run firms often have similar goals. Both groups want to connect with students and help prepare them for life after graduation. Strengthening the relationship between these two groups will benefit both parties, as well as the students you wish to motivate. Here are some ways to […]

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Engage in PRSSA: 6 Ways to Participate in National Initiatives

PRSSA has developed National Initiatives we work toward as a Society. We are always moving forward as a Society and work to achieve more each year. Here’s a little background into six PRSSA National Initiatives that are available to members they might not be aware of. For the full list of National Initiatives, check the […]

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Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Firm

Whether a part of a student-run firm or a professional agency, public relations practitioners are often required to know how to use social media for their clients. However, we sometimes get so wrapped up in social media plans for our clients that we may forget about our own social media outlets and efforts to promote […]

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A Newbie’s Approach to a Student-Run Firm

The University of North Texas PRSSA Chapter launched its first student-run firm this semester under the direction of Lizzie Smithson (@Lizonomics). Beginning a firm from scratch requires patience, commitment and teamwork. We want to share a few tips that we found helpful with other Chapter leaders who are thinking about or are in the process […]

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