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Guest Post- Creating Your Vision

This post was submitted by Nicole Edmonson, Chapter President at Middle Tennessee State. It is no secret that our world is changing and the media is doing a thorough job of creating fear and doubt in the minds of so many Americans. I am sure you have heard a professor or a professional explain how […]

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Being Prepared for a Phone Interview

This post comes from Jena Johnson, National Vice President of Regional Activities: A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Regional Activity in Chicago. While there, I went to a session about how to excel in your interview. Most of us have heard the basics: research the company, have a strong handshake, […]

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Mentors in Public Relations

This post was submitted by Rachel M. Esterline of Central Michigan University. Mentors can be key to confidence and success.  They also can serve as a resource for fresh ideas and advice. There are a variety of areas a mentor can help a public relations student, including: * Resume and cover letter suggestions * Internships […]

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Ethical Decisions

Life is filled with ethical choices.  Cheating on exams, lying to coworkers and misrepresenting ourselves to potential employers are all examples of unethical choices.  Public Relations is filled with decisions that have ethical considerations.  How do you handle ethical concerns?  How do you determine what is ethical and what is not?

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Successful Networking

Networking is critical for a successful communicator.  A great network of contacts can help a practitioner land a new job or learn new skills.  While the word “networking” frequently appears discussions about public relations, how to network is a mystery to many.  What is effective networking?  How can students learn to successfully network?

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Transparency and Public Relations

Transparency has become increasingly necessary in our society.  As communicators, we are tasked with sharing information from our organizations with members of the public.  How can a communicator assure the public the organization he or she represents is a transparent one?  How should a communicator handle information that is negative?

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Getting Experience

Getting an entry level position in public relations usually requires portfolios documenting the experience students have had.  Putting one together and deciding what to use are difficult for a student whose experience is limited entirely to the classroom.  PRSSA provides some opportunities that allow students to build their portfolios.  These include working at student-run firms, […]

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National Conference

The 2008 National Conference in Detroit has been incredible.  Ofield Dukes gave a compelling keynote address that put into perspective many of the situations members find themselves in and gave practical advice for personal success.  His personal experiences were inspiring.  The conference also divided into sessions and listened to other leaders in public relations. We […]

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A Trusted Communicator

We live in a world where changing values and perspectives influence the decisions people make.  In this time of uncertainty, a trusted communicator can be invaluable; however, finding and identifying one is a difficult task.  What role can professional organizations like PRSA play in endorsing trusted individuals?

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The Wall Street Crisis and Public Relations

This last week has seen the United States’ stock market take a serious hit.  Many companies have lost the confidence of American investors and the restructuring of our policy is still a matter of public discussion.  While financial solvency can be restored through government buyouts, trust in these organizations might not come as easily.  How […]

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