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How to Construct your Personal-Professional Purpose Statement

I struggled through my last internship. I was so excited to start it and I hoped to learn a lot from the company with which I was about to spend my summer. The company was cool, the environment was fun, the work was high in quality but for some reason I dreaded going into the […]

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Three Tidbits I Gained from Speaking with an Informational Interviewer

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to spend several months in Washington D.C.  working as a communications intern for the United Nations Foundation. I had a fantastic experience working in for a global NGO and experiencing the great sights and sounds of our nation’s capital. This experience was also an important stepping stone […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Student-run Firm Leadership

A new school year means new leadership for Student-run Firms across the country. Some executive leadership will remain the same, while other teams may have the opportunity to grow under new leadership. In any case, leading a Student-run Firm is no small feat. As the busy semester begins, take a look at these do’s and […]

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Secrets of the PR World: Intern Edition

Summer internships are a whole lot more than just a fancy addition to stick on your resume or something to fill those long summer days. They’re meant to open your eyes to how the real world handles and uses PR. After spending the summer interning at a hospital in a big city, I learned quite […]

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Guide to Crafting your Elevator Speech

The elevator speech is one of many tools budding professionals and students should have in their repertoire. But don’t feel limited to only using your speech in an elevator. As fall approaches, you’d be surprised how many opportunities you might have to use those few rehearsed verses. Networking events, conferences, first-day-of-class introductions (raise your hand […]

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Benefits of Attending PRSSA/PRSA Events

There are many reasons students should join PRSSA — enhance your education, broaden your network and launch your career. The constructive work one does during these formative college years will go a long way in paving the way to success post-graduation. One way a public relations student can aid this success is by attending PRSSA […]

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Determining the PR Niche for You

Public relations students are taught many things in the classroom: how to craft the perfect news release, what to do when a crisis occurs and how to remain professional on social media. Students are often left on their own to determine what section of the industry they will enter — nonprofit, education, entertainment, crisis, healthcare […]

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Capstone Agency CreateAthon Launch Recap

This year is the beginning of the partnership between PRSSA National and CreateAthon, and I had the unique opportunity to experience this both as a part of The University of Alabama’s Nationally Affiliated Student-run Firm, Capstone Agency, and the 2016–2017 National Committee. It was 24 hours of creativity, bonding and service that I cannot say […]

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Getting Outside the Classroom: How Agency Tours Provide Young Pros With Valuable Advice

Agency tours offer a chance for students to peek into their future careers and get inspired. Meeting with professionals gives the organization access to advice from people who are active and knowledgeable in the industry. Last semester, the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire PRSSA Chapter traveled to Minneapolis to check out two communication powerhouses: Lola Red […]

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How to Stand Out When You Start with the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Women make up roughly 70 percent of the public relations workforce, but only account for 30 percent of the top positions within the industry, according to The Holmes Report. As an undergraduate student, I knew I wanted to be a part of the 30 percent. Therefore, I did all I could to position myself as […]

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