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Conference Preview: A Q & A With Hosts of Transition to the Real World

The PRSSA 2015 National Conference in Atlanta is now only two weeks away. After reviewing the program, one session every student should be looking forward to is one hosted by members of the PRSA New Professionals Section on Sunday Nov. 8. The following is a question and answer of this session with Brian Price (BP) […]

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Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Propels Recent Grads Forward

I was one of nine recent graduates of New Jersey college/university public relations education programs to earn the new Certificate in Principles of Public Relations offered through the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) and administered by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in November of 2014. The initiative, launched in 2014, challenges PRSSA members in […]

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Getting Hired by Being Yourself: Tips from a New Professional

If you want to land a job in public relations, you need to know how to write engaging copy. You need to understand target audiences, and how to reach them through a variety of tactics. And of course, you need to be professional, smart and a hard worker. We all know these things, but there’s […]

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Five Tips to Get the Most Out of PRSA’s Mentor Match Program

We seek advice from our mentors and we enjoy picking their brains, but sometimes our needs do not fall directly under their area of expertise. That’s when PRSA’s Mentor Match program comes in handy, especially for new professionals. Through this program, you can learn from professionals immersed in your areas of interest, expand your network […]

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5 Reasons to Take a Post-Grad Internship

After being involved with your PRSSA Chapter and interning during college, being an intern following graduation may not sound too appealing. But the right internship will offer you much more than mastering the copy machine. You might be working at the bottom of the food-chain, but having the ability to learn on the job is […]

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International Public Relations: Combining My Love for Travel and My Passion for Public Relations

Each morning I walk down cobblestone streets, board a trolley car, pass the royal palace and head to my internship where I can look out of my window to a fjord from the North Sea. Now let me start off by saying, I didn’t know anyone in the company prior to my start and I […]

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City Series: Building a Network in the Robust Charlotte Public Relations Landscape

Four years ago, I was a Virginia Tech graduate (and former PRSSA member) with a public relations degree in hand, hoping to relocate and claim a spot for myself in Charlotte’s public relations industry. After six weeks of job searching, I succeeded and found myself in a city full of opportunity, ambition and creativity. I’m […]

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Day in the Life Of: Mike DeFilippis Gives a Sneak Peek Into Agency Life

I hate clichés, but I’m going to start with one. Working at an agency, there really is not a typical day. A lot of people say that, but I genuinely mean it because agency life, although sometimes stressful, is so unique. That said, I don’t want to talk about just one “day in the life,” […]

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Day in the Life Of: Reagan Nickl Shares Graduate’s Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

Courtesy of Nickl According to Matt Prince, social media director for Taco Bell, over 50 percent of the workforce will be millennial workers by 2020. But before you start pumping your fist in the air with millennial pride, keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily good news for you and me. Along with being one […]

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Day in the Life of: Ashleigh Mavros, Transitioning From Intern to Full-Time Associate

This is a post on behalf of the PRSA New Professionals Section’s monthly series for PRSSA titled “Day in the Life Of.” The series journeys through various new public relations professionals’ daily lives, experiences and advice. You were actively involved in your PRSSA Chapter and student-run firm at Ohio University. How do you feel your […]

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