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The PR playbook: Getting a PR Internship in the NFL or NBA

Everyone knows the greats — Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Fans also know about the years of dedication, hard work and trials these players had to go through. However, more often than not everyone, super-fans and media included, forget about the other hundreds of players that these sports legends had to surpass to become […]

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Tips to Tackle Writer’s Block

Writer’s block — we’ve all experienced it at some point or another. Whether it was for a simple blog post or a lengthy research paper, everyone is prone to encountering this common obstacle in writing. That’s why I’ve decided to provide you with five tips to help overcome writer’s block. Don’t procrastinate. The worst thing […]

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We Get It, You’re Busy

As public relations professionals, we aren’t strangers to the idea of a busy lifestyle. We are constantly checking emails, staying ahead of industry trends and updating our very organized planners. And while we know how busy we are, it’s important to remember that others don’t have to. Why? Busyness doesn’t equal status. Where the notion […]

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Four Reasons to Be Thankful for PRSSA

Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, millions of Americans gather around the table in celebration of Thanksgiving. A common tradition is to go around the table and indicate something that each person is grateful for—family, friends, good health, fortune and the heralding in of an acceptable time to begin blasting Christmas music! During […]

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5 Ways Starbucks Successfully Markets PSL

As the days continue to cool and the brisk wind stirs the fallen leaves, nothing feels cozier than cuddling up by a fireplace with a blanket and warm drink. While some people’s warm drink of choice may be hot cocoa or tea, many people are welcoming the changing temperature with the staple drink of autumn […]

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Making The Difference

When we are about to graduate, we start to ask ourselves: what am I going to do from now on? As members of PRSSA, the answer to that question is public relations. But once we start college to become a professional, we realize that studying isn’t enough. Even though authors, such as Wilcox, Bernays or […]

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From Resident Assistant to PR Professional

Many college students apply to become a resident assistant (RA) for the perks — which often include free room and board. What they should be thinking about is how the job can benefit them in their future careers. As a resident assistant at La Salle University, here are five skills I believe that becoming a […]

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Climbing to the Top of the PR Agency List

You can find a handful of PR agencies in almost every major city in the United States, as well as around the world, that range from global agencies to local-run firms. With so many agencies and such a diverse set of professionals, what makes a certain firm stand out above others? Is it the organizational […]

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How I Quit My Job

I quit my job last month. It was a great job, too — decent pay, plenty of learning opportunities, amazing people to work with. So why did I quit? Because I’m a public relations student. How I got here. I’m currently a senior studying public relations at The University of Alabama. I count my blessings […]

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Determining if Nonprofit is Right for You

With one year of introductory PR classes under my belt, I had the privilege to work as the public relations intern for Gift of Life Donor Program — a nonprofit organ procurement organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The position I had originally applied for was a “community relations intern”. It, however, required a junior or senior […]

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