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Millennial Republicans: A Political Death Sentence?

I visited NBC Chicago in May to speak with executives about millennials and our futures. Millennials are often perceived as spending too much time on Facebook, taking erroneous amounts of selfies and expecting a corner office within the first few years of their jobs. I was there to meet with executives to dispel these misconceptions. […]

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PR Playlist Additions

Music is powerful. It can uplift us when we’re sad, motivate us during our workout and simply make us feel good. People have playlists for just about every occasion: road trip, gym, homework and, of course, the weekend. But have you ever thought about what your work playlist would consist of? Well, I sure have! […]

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Navigating PR Jargon

I knew from the moment that I applied for college what I wanted to major in — journalism. I wrote for my high school paper and eventually became editor. With that came responsibility, extra work and terms to learn. Copy, layout, leads and deadlines were all part of my vocabulary. Then, I came to college […]

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Alternate Routes to Your PR Path

Here you are at the finish line of your academic PR journey. You put in the blood, sweat and tears into earning your degree. Fresh out of college and ready to immerse yourself in the working world, you may ask yourself: Well, what now? By the time I graduated from the University of Florida’s College […]

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PR in Campus Activities

Clubs and organizations are forums where students have the ability to nurture their public relations skills. Different clubs and organizations provide students the opportunity to become involved in areas that interest them. For example, a student wildlife club in college facilitates the interests of students that have a passion for nature. Eventually, students can establish […]

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Why I Chose to Master

I chose graduate school because my university didn’t have a public relations track or major in its undergraduate curriculum. I discovered a passion for PR after doing an internship with a local nonprofit organization. A few other factors that contributed in my decision to pursue a master’s degree were: time, opportunity and cost. I decided […]

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Public Relations Lessons from Steelers RB James Conner

If you don’t know James Conner’s story by now, you should. Even if you aren’t a football fan or don’t enjoy sports in general, his journey is as inspirational as they come. James Conner, an Erie, Pennsylvania, native finished his true freshman season in 2013 at the University of Pittsburgh by leading the Panthers in […]

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Public Relations Lessons Learned from ‘The Bachelorette’

Only weeks ago, nearly six million viewers tuned in for the 2017 season premiere of “The Bachelorette,” on ABC. Nearly six million viewers watched as the beloved Rachel Lindsay met 31 suitors – one of whom could be her future husband. I am not ashamed to say: I love watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” […]

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Running Into the Public Relations Industry

School, internships, friends, family and life are not always easy and often must to choose between the difficult path or the easy one. Most would choose what is easy because it requires less time and effort — but where is the reward in that? Oftentimes people will tell you to choose the easy way because, […]

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How to Succeed at Something When You Don’t Have a Natural Talent for It

You spend hours on a test and get a lower score than the person who hasn’t cracked open the textbook all semester, or run daily at the gym only to be beat at the race by someone who rarely practices. So why can some people get by on natural talent, but you have to put […]

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