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Five PRSSA Membership Benefits That Will Launch Your Career

PRSSA offers a multitude of benefits to all its members. Below are five of my favorite benefits for members to take advantage of. 1. Scholarships and grants PRSSA members have access to more than $50,000 worth of scholarships and awards to apply for annually. Scholarships are not only a great way to fund your education, […]

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Life After College: Ensuring a Smooth Transition to the Workforce

This article originally appeared in the September issue of Public Relations Tactics. “It used to be that you’d go to college, maybe go to graduate school and you’d be done — along with some professional development along the way,” said “There Is Life After College” author Jeffrey J. Selingo. “But now, you have to constantly be […]

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Introducing a New Themed Month This January: Career Development Month

Why did you choose to go to college? Maybe because your parents made you. Maybe to broaden your horizons. Maybe because you wanted to gain some “life 101” skills while avoiding the real world. While these are all valid reasons, I hope you chose to go to college mostly because you wanted to prepare yourself […]

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Fall in Love With PRSS(bae) This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, singles awareness day or “the day before chocolate goes on sale.” Whatever you call it, this day focuses on love, adoration and over-priced dinners from restaurants with dim lighting. This year, instead of binge-watching Netflix and drowning yourself in tears, focus on the things that make you happy and the things that have […]

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How to Start Your PRSSA Year on the Right Foot

I hope you’re enjoying your time off this summer, because you’ve earned it. However, it’s time to get to work. Successful PRSSA years are solidified well before the semester even begins. Although you may have started planning earlier than this summer (and I hope you have), the success of your year is determined by the […]

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14 Stages of the PRSSA Member Life Cycle

1. You survived high school and were accepted to the college of your dreams. Exciting, right? Exciting is an understatement. Looking back on that moment, you’ve probably never felt more like Harry Potter in your life. 2. But then, reality sets in. You’re interested in pursuing public relations as a major and have no idea […]

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Cashing in With Scholarship Applications

Do you opt out of applying for scholarships because you don’t feel confident enough? Has anyone ever taught you how to compile a strong and effective scholarship application? If you’re like me, no one has taught you the ropes for scholarship applications, so I made time to teach myself. I’ve been fortunate to score thousands […]

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How to Use PRSSA Member Benefits to Land an Internship

For many young public relations professionals, completing an internship is a valuable way to gain real-world experience and put the skills you’ve developed in the classroom into practice. With prominent agencies and organizations in your city, it may seem like the opportunities are endless, but this often hinders students from knowing where to begin the […]

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Achieving the Recognition Your Chapter Deserves

Your Chapter hosts events, engages with the community and communicates with members on multiple platforms. Isn’t it time you got some recognition for all the hard work? Through a combination of news announcements and awards, your Chapter has numerous opportunities to obtain the recognition it deserves—whether you have 15 members or 150. Here are the […]

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Why You Should Attend the PRSSA 2014 National Assembly

The PRSSA 2014 National Assembly is an event dedicated to leadership training and Society development. The Assembly gathers each spring to also make influential, long-term decisions about the future of the Society, elect a new National Committee and review the bylaws. This year’s Assembly, March 13-16 in Charleston, S.C., is one that promises to provide […]

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