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Getting Your Chapter to Boston: Fundraising Edition

Although it only happens once a year, it’s probably the best five days of any PRSSA member’s college career — National Conference. While this professional development event can be an amazing opportunity, the financial burden can often be a barrier in getting students there. Regardless if your Chapter aims to send two students or 20 […]

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How Chapter Fundraising Can Take You All the Way to Boston

Whether it be a budget-slashing session for your Chapter, petitioning more funds from your school’s student government association or pleading with your PRSA sponsor Chapter, we all need to raise funds for our Chapter. How else will you subsidize the costs of those snazzy new Chapter sweatshirts or attend the next National Conference in Boston? […]

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Fundraising Tips: Food is Key to Winning Over Your College Campus

Fundraising. It can be the bane of any Chapter treasurer’s existence. Not only that, but trying to raise funds on a college campus is difficult. The only simple solution to this conundrum is food. Everyone needs it and it’s an excuse for students to not eat campus food. I can guarantee if you ask anyone […]

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Fundraise Successfully Using These Five Tips

On college campuses, generating revenue for your Chapter can be a difficult task. On top of that, it can be tough to convince your members to put their busy lives on pause for fundraising projects. In my experience, I’ve found a few helpful ways to combat these challenges. Here are my favorite tips for Chapter […]

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One for the Money: Fundraising Tips for the PRSSA 2013 National Conference

The PRSSA 2013 National Conference is just a few months away. Philadelphia is waiting to show you all that it has to offer. Past Conference attendees will attest that the key to making the most out of your Conference attendance is to take time and effort to plan beforehand – which includes fundraising. Starting to […]

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