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Sail Away With Nonprofit Communications

If coordinating a benefit for an organization is difficult, coordinating a benefit in Monaco from the United States is next to impossible. But that is how I have spent recent days at SeaKeepers, the “yachting industry’s charity.” I started at the organization as an intern and quickly made the transition into a full-time employee as […]

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A Glimpse into Public Affairs from an Agency View

I am sure some of you are wondering what exactly a public affairs public relations professional does.  As a public relations associate at Lansing-based bi-partisan agency Lambert, Edwards & Associates (LE&A), I hope to give you a glimpse of what life is like inside the public affairs world. Generally speaking, “public affairs” means working with […]

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A Day in the Life of a Brand Marketing Professional

When I say I work in brand marketing public relations, I tend to get a lot of questions: “What does that mean?” “You do what?” “What products do you work on?” All are valid questions for those not experienced in this area of the world of public relations. As an assistant account executive (AAE) at […]

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A Day in the Life of a Large Public Relations Agency

As you may know, there are a thousand different directions a career in public relations in an agency may take you, and 100 different tasks you may do throughout the week. For me, working for the world’s largest independent public relations agency, Edelman Public Relations, no two days are ever the same. For starters, I […]

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Surviving Corporate Public Relations as a Newbie

I am approaching my third year of working in the corporate world of communications.  Here are a few pointers I picked up along the way, which are helpful no matter what industry you end up in as a new hire: Dress the part: If you dress as though you are in a position of authority, […]

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Public Relations Practice Beyond Borders

“Organizations need to look at the world as if they were standing on the moon,” is a quote from a U.S. student participant in the 2010 IBM Future Leaders Study suggesting globalization is a vital part of the current global economic environment. According to an April 2010 article in The New York Times, the term […]

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Non-Profit Public Relations: Exciting, Rewarding, and Fun!

Imagine the excitement of an agency: A diverse range of clients, the flurry of deadlines and an opportunity to touch the entire media relations process in one day. Now, combine this with the fulfillment of a non-profit: working with passionate volunteers, progressing toward a common goal and making a positive impact on society. This combination […]

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The Health Care Industry from the Perspective of a New Pro

If I were a betting woman, I’d say my experience as a new professional in the health care industry is similar to other New Pros’ positions. The skills we use are generally the same — just applied in a different way. The daily life of a New Pro is quite different than that of a […]

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Entry-Level Public Relations at an Integrated Marketing Agency

When you’re completing your public relations education, you frequently ask professionals and mentors, “What is a typical day in PR like?” Frequently, you get the same answer, “There is no typical day!” The reason? Because it’s very true! As public relations professionals, we have a wide range of skills, which allow us to be extremely […]

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