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The Challenge of Fake News

When the phrase “fake news” first emerged, I thought it was literally fake news. I thought, “How could the journalism and communications industry allow such a thing as fake news to become so popular?” As an undergraduate public relations student at the University of Florida, our program has a heavy focus on writing. In a […]

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Parman and West Join Forces to Honor Summar

This article was originally published in the University of Tennessee-Knoxville newsletter. You can find it here. Two 1994 University of Tennessee Public Relations alumni, Travis Parman and Mary Beth West, have joined forces to honor Dwayne Summar by increasing funding for the existing Dwayne Summar Public Relations Endowment. Their $35,000 collaborative gift will enrich the […]

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This Is What Makes the Super Bowl So Super

Super Bowl LI was quite the game. From that stunning comeback to Lady Gaga’s performance, it certainly had millions of people talking, tweeting and engaging on social media. But millions of people weren’t just talking about the game — some of the public relations campaigns and ads sparked conversations as well. One of the biggest […]

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The Facts About ‘Alternative Facts’

The foundation of good public relations is facts. Facts do not bend, they do not break, and above all else, they are not fiction. Kellyanne Conway, former campaign manager and current counselor to President Donald Trump, recently referred to comments made by press secretary Sean Spicer as “alternative facts.” Spicer denounced news accounts that attendance […]

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The Influence of the Media in the Presidential Election

The media is one of the largest platforms for influencing public opinion. Media includes both traditional channels (television, radio, newspaper) and new channels (social media, banner ads, blogs). Any work in public relations or communications often includes all these different forms of media. As future public relations professionals, it’s our job to be good stewards […]

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An Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ PR Flops

The campaigns for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were each clouded by controversy and punctuated by different scandals, and as public relations practitioners it is important that we acknowledge how these issues were handled. The candidates spent copious amounts of time and energy to build their self images and to brand themselves. So the question […]

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Starbucks Green Cups: Another Thing People Have Mixed Feelings About

Starbucks pre-election green unity cups made their debut Nov. 1 in place of the long anticipated holiday red cups. The cups, featuring a mosaic of hundreds of people drawn in one continuous stroke by artist Shogo Ota, were meant to promote unity of people at a time of turmoil in the country but faced mixed […]

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Driving the Election Home

Car services are not just for a night out on the town, and Uber is now being used in “making voting cool again,” said Rich Masterson, CEO of VoterDrive. VoterDrive, a campaign in partnership with Uber and APCO Worldwide, was used throughout election day to give free rides, up to $10 each way, to election […]

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Starbucks Debuts “Upstanders” Series to Inspire Change

In an effort to break down barriers and the cynicism fueling the country, Starbucks debuted “Upstanders,” its first original content podcast series that aims to inspire Americans to focus on what brings us together using kind acts of compassion and humility.  “Upstanders” features 10 stories about 10 people going above and beyond to help inspire […]

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Colin Kaepernick Sparks a National Conversation

At the start of each football season I try to prepare myself for the influx of weekly posts online about athletes, teams and the best plays of the week. However, the start of this season had a different message to send. On Aug. 26, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the […]

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