AP Style Quiz 11

Test your knowledge in our latest AP Style Quiz!

Question #1: The car was traveling 30 _________.

Question #2: The New York City __________ responds quickly.

Question #3: This book is _______.

Question #4: He was the program’s __________.

Question #5: This gold leaf bowl dates back to the _______.

Question #6: As a reporter, she was well aware of the protections of the ________.

Question #7: In a _____ decision, the Supreme Court held that potato chips are not a health food.

Question #8: The proposed city budget included ____ for a new water-treatment plant.

Question #9: “Thanks _____ for all your hard work,” she told them.

Question #10: The television station _______ the public service announcement yesterday.

Emma Ingram is the 2018-2019 Publications Editor in Chief for PRSSA National.

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