AP Style Quiz No. 10

Test your knowledge in our latest AP Style Quiz!

Question #1: The ______ drives a red car, which matches the color of her restaurant’s logo.

Question #2: The midterm was in _______ format.

Question #3: Only ______ of our membership attended the meeting last week.

Question #4: Everyone knows that _______ can be cruel.

Question #5: Rain was _______ every day for spring break.

Question #6: My cousin is ______ tall.

Question #7: The ______ stared at the car in disbelief.

Question #8: The feature story should have included a ___________.

Question #9: Alice fell _______ her seat during class.

Question #10: The New York City _________ responded quickly to the emergency.

Emma Ingram is the 2018-2019 Publications Editor in Chief for PRSSA National.

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