AP Style Quiz #9


Test your knowledge with our latest quiz!

Question #1: The _______ will address the nation tonight.

Question #2: When the company finally made an offer, she was ecstatic to ______.

Question #3: Despite their efforts, the group was not able to _____ any immediate change.

Question #4: The _______ graduate was well on his way to a promising career.

Question #5: The snowstorm is moving from the ______ to the _____.

Question #6: Julia gave Michael a study guide for material ____ was going to be on the test.

Question #7: Caroline was ______ before making her decision to surprise her family for the holidays

Question #8: The blazers can be found in the ______ department.

Question #9: This kitten’s personality is different _____ the others.

Question #10: The four students looked at __________.

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