AP Style Quiz #8

Test your knowledge with our latest quiz!

Question #1: After creating our Student-run Firm, it was a lot of work but worth it to be __________.

Question #2: The Fall 2018 edition of _____ convinced me to go to ________ this year!

Question #3: The PRSSA 2018 National Conference is going to be held in _____.

Question #4: There are over 300 _______ across North and South America who are active in PRSSA.

Question #5: At the PRSSA 2018 National Conference, members and Chapters are donating to the Assistance League of Austin, a local ______.

Question #6: This September, Ashleigh White, ____________, cohosted a twitter chat to celebrate Ethics Month.

Question #7: Chapters are honored to be partnering with the PRSA Foundation for the PRSSA 2018-2019 __________.

Question #8: Signing the PRSA Code of Ethics is a great way to start creating ethics for yourself in the profession of ___________.

Question #9: Which of the following dash is correct?

Question #10: I always _________ all of PRSSA National’s tweets.

Elizabeth Frenaye is a senior studying public relations and strategic communications, with a focus in event management, as well as international studies at American University. For her chapter of PRSSA, she is the service director and in charge of the Bateman Competition.

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