AP Style Quiz #7

Test your AP Style knowledge with our latest quiz!

Question #1: After I was injured, I went to the doctor to get an _______.

Question #2: When traveling, instead of booking a hotel, I always book an _____.

Question #3: The phenomenon of a gradual increase in temperature in the earth is called _____.

Question #4: Although originating in Korea, the style of music ____ is gaining popularity in the U.S.

Question #5: In elementary school, I used to play ________.

Question #6: When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married in May, everyone was excited to watch the _______.

Question #7: Make sure to always check your _____ to keep up on all of the latest PRSSA news.

Question #8: It is the start of football season and that is leading many to be excited for _____.

Question #9: The cupcake recipe called for _____ of vanilla extract.

Question #10: With the start of a new semester, I hope to make the _______.

Elizabeth Frenaye is a senior studying public relations and strategic communications, with a focus in event management, as well as international studies at American University. For her chapter of PRSSA, she is the service director and in charge of the Bateman Competition.

Courtesy of Elizabeth Frenaye

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