AP Style Quiz 2

As public relations professionals, it’s important to master AP Style. The Progressions Style Quizzes are designed to test your knowledge of word usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation as laid out in the PRSSA Style Guide and AP Stylebook. Take the quiz below to see how much you know about AP Style.

Question #1: PRSSA will ________ keynote speakers at national events.

Correct answer: livestream. AP Style uses one word for livestream and livestreaming.

Question #2: The Trump ________ has been in office for more and 100 days.

Correct answer: administration. The AP Stylebook spells "administration" lowercase for a government in power.

Question #3: ________ such as General Motors and Ford Motors have brought jobs to the Detroit area.

Correct answer: companies. The Stylebook does not use firm in reference to an incorporated business entity. Instead, use “company” or “corporation.” A firm is a business partnership, such as a law firm or public relations firm.

Question #4: United Airlines decreased the number of bags its elite frequent ________ can bring.

Correct answer: fliers. The AP Stylebook's prefers this term for people flying on an aircraft or handbills.

Question #5: The media ________ an important role in elections.

Correct answer: play. Although media generally take plural verbs, the AP Stylebook says the term is sometimes used with a singular verb when referring to the media as a monolithic group.

Question #6: Which of these sentences is correct?

Correct answer: b. The AP Stylebook capitalizes the full name of a time within a particular zone but lowercases all but the regions in short form.

Question #7: In a recent study, scientists ________ that the average temperature is increasing.

Correct answer: implied. Writers or speakers imply in the words they use. A reader or listener infers something from the words, according to the "imply, infer" entry.

Question #8: Which sentence is correctly punctuated?

Correct answer: a. Generally, the Stylebook omits the Oxford comma in a simple series. However, if omitting the comma can lead to confusion or misinterpretation, it should be used.

Question #9: Cherry blossoms bloom in ________ in Washington, D.C.

Correct answer: springtime. The AP Stylebook entry says springtime is one word and lowercase.

Question #10: He left a ________ saying he would be late for dinner tonight.

Correct answer: a. The AP Stylebook updated the two-word spelling in previous editions to a one-word compound in 2016.

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