What’s Your PRSSA IQ?

You may know your Chapter like the back of your hand, but how well do you know PRSSA National facts and figures? Take this quiz to discover your PRSSA IQ.

Question #1: What year was PRSSA created?

PRSSA was founded in 1968 when the PRSA 1967 Assembly voted to establish the student organization. Dr. F.H. "Chris" Teahan, APR, Jon Riffel, APR and J. Carroll Bateman, APR are credited as the founding fathers of PRSSA.

Question #2: What is the monthly award offered to PRSSA Chapters that have seen success in the areas of membership, national participation and/or Chapter development?

The Pacesetter recognizes a Chapter's success in the areas of membership, national participation and/or Chapter development. Chapters may be nominated by members or the PRSSA National Committee. For more information about Chapter and individual scholarships and awards, contact Vice President of Member Services Jon Kovach.

Question #3: Where is PRSSA headquartered?

PRSSA is headquartered with PRSA in New York City.

Question #4: Who is known as the “godmother of PRSSA”?

Considered the first lady of public relations and godmother of PRSSA, Betsy Plank, APR, Fellow PRSA, was a trailblazer for the public relations profession and played an integral part in the history of PRSSA.

Question #5: How many students are members of PRSSA?

PRSSA has more than 11,000 members in over 340 Chapter in the U.S., Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Question #6: After graduation, what kind of PRSA membership are PRSSA members offered?

As a PRSSA member, you are eligible to join PRSA as an Associate Member up to five months before or two years after you graduate.

Question #7: How much are PRSSA National dues?

PRSSA National annual dues are $55.

Question #8: What is the PRSSA National newspaper called?

FORUM is the PRSSA tri-annual, online newspaper. For more information about PRSSA's publications, contact Publications Editor in Chief Krista Watson.

Question #9: Which of these positions is NOT on the PRSSA National Committee?

Vice President of Graduate Studies is not a position on the PRSSA National Committee.

Question #10: Where will PRSSA National Assembly be held in 2017?

The PRSSA 2017 National Assembly will be held in Seattle March 30–April 2. Visit the PRSSA 2016 National Assembly website for more information and to register now.

Question #11: What is PRSSA’s annual case study competition called?

The Bateman Case Study Competition is PRSSA’s national case study competition for public relations students, and gives students an opportunity to apply classroom education and internship experiences to create and implement a full public relations campaign.

Question #12: Which country does NOT have any PRSSA Chapters?

PRSSA has international Chapters located in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Question #13: What is the highest individual honor bestowed by PRSSA?

The National Gold Key honors the outstanding public relations student and leader. Winners are those who excel in their academic study of public relations, have pursued ambitious professional development opportunities and are leaders in their PRSSA Chapter.

Meghan Caprez is a second-year graduate student at Kent State University, studying mediated and mass communication. A six-year member of PRSSA, Meghan has served as the president, vice president of professional relations and web and content producer of the Kent State University Chapter. In Spring 2013 and Summer 2016, she studied in Orlando, Fla., as part of the Disney College Program, and she hopes to work for the Mouse again after she graduates.

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