PRSSA Style Guide Quiz

The PRSSA Style Guide offers writing standards for all PRSSA-related copy, and now that Chapter recruitment and event promotion has begun, it’s important to follow the guidelines outlined in the Style Guide. The Style Guide contains PRSA and PRSSA terminology, as well as tips for formatting and style that may differ from AP Style. Test your knowledge of PRSSA Style with the quiz below:

Question #1: This year, the ________ is being held in Indianapolis.

Correct answer: b. When referring to an event, “PRSSA” is always placed before the title of the event, with the date directly following “PRSSA.”   

Question #2: Emma Finkbeiner, ________, is a graduate student at DePaul University.

Correct answer: a. “PRSSA National President” is always capitalized, even after a name. Use “President” on second reference.

Question #3: PRSSA has more than 300 ________ in the United States, Columbia, Argentina and Peru.


Correct answer: a. “Chapter” is always capitalized when referring to a PRSSA or PRSA Chapter.

Question #4: A PRSSA ________ serves as an official link between students and PRSA Chapters.

Correct answer: c. “Faculty Adviser” is always capitalized. In agreement with AP Style, “adviser” is spelled with an e, not an o.

Question #5: PRSSA is a pre-professional organization for students interested in ________.

Correct answer: b. Always spell out “public relations.”

Question #6: Nicole Price, ________, is a senior at the University of Cincinnati.

Correct answer: b. Always capitalize “Regional Conferences.”

Question #7: Each year at National Assembly, one client is chosen for the ________.

Correct answer: b. “PRSSA Day-of Competition” is always capitalized. Use “Day-of Competition” on second reference.

Question #8: There are over 11,000 ________ in PRSSA.

Correct answer: b. “members” is not capitalized.

Question #9: ________ is in New York City.

Correct answer: a. “PRSSA Headquarters" is always capitalized. Use “Headquarters” on second reference.

Question #10: There are ten members serving on the ________.

Correct answer: a. “PRSSA National Committee” is always capitalized. Use “National Committee” on second reference.

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