AP Style Quiz 1

June has finally rolled around, and for many students that means summer vacation. Sure, summer vacation is great, but communications students have something else to look forward to: the latest edition of the AP Stylebook.

New to Progressions this year are AP Style and PRSSA Style Guide quizzes. Questions will cover word usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation as laid out in the AP Stylebook and PRSSA Style Guide to test your knowledge and help keep your writing sharp.

Question #1: Jane ________ in a speech that she was running for re-election.

Correct answer: said. The verb "claim" implies doubt and can suggest the reporter does not believe something. Generally, AP Style uses said.

Question #2: Which sentence is correctly punctuated?

Correct answer: a. The AP Stylebook uses commas to set off elements in city and state references as well as month and year dates.

Question #3: The student sent his professor an ________ about missing class next week.

Correct answer: email. The AP Stylebook's "email" entry says the no-hyphen spelling is correct for electronic mail.

Question #4: President Obama was ________ a second term in 2012.

Correct answer: re-elected. The AP Stylebook's "re" entry says a hyphen is needed if the word that follows begins with the same vowel.

Question #5: She ordered a ________ sandwich for lunch.

Correct answer: PB&J. The AP Stylebook added this entry in the latest edition for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Question #6: She did not have ________ service out in the woods.

Correct answer: internet. The AP Stylebook updated the “internet” entry to lowercase in the 2016 edition.

Question #7: He found ________ ledge about 150 yards from the bottom and wedged his body there.

Correct answer: a 6- to 7-inch-wide. The AP Stylebook's "dimensions" entry says use figures, which are hyphenated as modifiers, and spell out measures.

Question #8: Which sentence is correctly punctuated?

Correct answer: b. The Stylebook says no comma is needed when the subject of the sentence's two clauses is the same and is not repeated in the second.

Question #9: One sector of public relations is ________.

Correct answer: health care. The AP Stylebook entry says health care is two words.

Question #10: Which titles are correctly spelled?

Correct answer: a. According to the AP Stylebook, titles before an individual’s name are capitalized. Titles after a name are generally lowercase. The abbreviation CEO is always capitalized.


Krista Watson is a junior at Loyola University Chicago and the PRSSA 2016–2017 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter @watson_krista or connect on LinkedIn.

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