University of Florida PRSSA shares Chapter best practices at the PRSSA 2013 National Conference. Photo taken by Hannah Giles

Top Five Reasons to Apply to Host a Chapter Development Session

Our Society boasts more than 330 Chapters across the U.S., Argentina and Colombia. Each and every one of these Chapters is unique and successful in its own way. Once a year eight Chapters have the privilege to present those successful practices to hundreds of PRSSA National Conference attendees. Haven’t quite piqued your interest yet? Here [...]

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How To Survive Post-Grad Changes

By senior year, a glimpse of the real world begins to creep its way into your collegiate life. In the second semester, you may be experiencing sheer panic because the glimpse is now a bright and blinding light beaming down on you. Do not close the curtain because now is your time to shine. You [...]

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Graphic by Sam Sanchez

4 Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Design Skills

Design and public relations have more in common than you may think. They both have the same end result: delivering clients’ key messages in the best possible way. The look and key message should be one in the same. Here are a few helpful hints to enhance your design skills: Play Around The most useful [...]

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Photo courtesy of Heather Harder

What Communications Executives Are Thinking About

I recently attended the Arthur W. Page Society Spring Seminar as part of the Society’s annual case study competition in corporate communications. Page is a selective society for senior public relations and corporate communications executives who mostly represent Fortune 500s and the world’s largest public relations agencies. Aside from discovering that the New York Times’s [...]

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Introducing: Monthly “Progressions Writing Prompts”

Have you ever wanted to contribute to a blog but were unsure what to write about? Want to enhance your writing skills and have the opportunity to get your personal blog recognized nationally by PRSSA? Welcome “Progressions Writing Prompts,” a monthly, writing exercise and contest provided by PRSSA. How It Works: Each month a writing [...]

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April Twitter Chat “Following Through With The Internship Hunt” Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in our April 2014 Twitter Chat, “Following Through With the Internship Hunt.” We appreciate everyone’s tweets this year throughout all of our Twitter Chats and would like to thank everyone who participated in our last one of the year! We’d also like to thank our co-hosts Vice President of [...]

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Bridging the Gap: Five Tips to Harness Generational Diversity in the Public Relations Field

This post is part of diversity series for Progressions. “Our generation will be the one hiring you someday,” my parents reminded me for the millionth time, slipping a final snippet of professional advice into our dinner conversation. We were discussing the controversial issue of tattoos and piercings in the workplace — and not making much [...]

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Cashing in With Scholarship Applications

Do you opt out of applying for scholarships because you don’t feel confident enough? Has anyone ever taught you how to compile a strong and effective scholarship application? If you’re like me, no one has taught you the ropes for scholarship applications, so I made time to teach myself. I’ve been fortunate to score thousands [...]

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Graphic by Ben Butler

How to Think Like An Entrepreneur in Your PR Career

I’ll be the first one to tell you that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. The philosophy behind the lifestyle, however, can help anyone advance his or her career. Think like an entrepreneur in your growing public relations career with these concepts: Take Risks Entrepreneurs are comfortable being uncomfortable because the lifestyle is full of uncertainties [...]

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Racial diversity_PRSSA_National_Graph

Looking Further Than Skin Deep

This post is part of diversity series for Progressions. Racial and ethnic diversity in the public relations field is paramount. Several agencies such as FleishmanHillard, Edelman, and PorterNovelli have programs dedicated to promoting racial and ethnic inclusion and celebrating individuality. But why should one need to know about other racial and ethnic groups? How does [...]

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