Intern Talk: Use a Lazy Summer Day to Get Ahead

We all have that realization after Independence Day that the summer is sadly moving just as quickly as it did the year before. Your summer to-do list might still have a ways to go and you might find yourself starting to stress about the upcoming semester. Luckily, there are still plenty of summer days left [...]

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Ramp up Recruitment by Taking Your Chapter to a Sporting Event

It’s that time again. It’s the first time you get to see your favorite sports team. The excitement peaks as the stadium comes alive. Imagine the thrills of experiencing this with your PRSSA Chapter. Taking your members to a sporting event has the potential to change the dynamic of your Chapter for the better. During [...]

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How to Bring Creativity to the Workplace

When I was little, the sky was the limit. I was one of those kids who liked to color outside the lines and had a great sense of imagination. I also believed that I would someday be able to fly just like Superman. Now that I am a little older and a little wiser, I [...]

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July 2014 “Progressions Writing Prompts”

Have you ever wanted to contribute to a blog but were unsure what to write about? Want to enhance your writing skills and have the opportunity to get your personal blog recognized nationally by PRSSA? Participate in “Progressions Writing Prompts,” a monthly writing exercise and contest held by PRSSA. How It Works: Each month a [...]

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The Reality of the Transition from Student to New Professional

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions. Many things change when you transition from a student to a professional. You now earn a salary, but that new job comes with a whole host of new responsibilities, not to mention the physiological changes that come with changing [...]

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How to Start Your PRSSA Year on the Right Foot

I hope you’re enjoying your time off this summer, because you’ve earned it. However, it’s time to get to work. Successful PRSSA years are solidified well before the semester even begins. Although you may have started planning earlier than this summer (and I hope you have), the success of your year is determined by the [...]

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T-Mobile CEO Responds to Self-Created Crisis

Among the more recent public relations crises are comments made by T-Mobile CEO John Legere regarding his competitors. At a company press event on June 18, Legere shared his thoughts about AT&T and Verizon by making a comment that appeared more offensive than productive. While Legere is known for his extreme language, many in the [...]

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Five Easy Recipes to Bring to Your Next Office Party

Internships often last one short semester, making it difficult to get to know everyone in a company or build a long-term relationship with your co-workers. It is important to show the people you work with how you can contribute to the office, both personally and professionally. One simple way to show your gratitude is bringing [...]

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World Cup Leads in Social Engagement: Are You in on the Action?

As a former soccer player and lover of the sport, I’m in heaven this summer. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is currently underway in Brazil, and despite the fact that the U.S. was sent home, I haven’t been able to peel my eyes from the television. I also haven’t been able to peel my eyes [...]

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Looking Ahead to the Future of PRSSA

  “Membership starts with you.” That’s the first line of the PRSSA membership guide. After joining PRSSA in 2010, I quickly discovered that statement’s meaning. There were plenty of membership benefits waiting. I just had to take the initiative to access them. Now that I’ve begun my second year on National Committee, the meaning of [...]

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