Journalism in 140 Characters: Being Aware of Your Social Media News Sources

Social media is ubiquitous; it has a certain appeal that draws you in and connects users, allowing them to interact across the world. It serves as an endless source of what goes on in the daily lives of our family, friends and even strangers. Social media content ranges from a delicious looking meal tagged with [...]

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InternTalk: How to Ask for More Responsibility in Your Internship

In the past, July to me was synonymous with Independence Day and trips to the beach. But now that I have interned for five consecutive summers, the month has taken a  different meaning. July is the perfect time to put the skills you’ve learned to the test and make a bigger impact on your organization [...]

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Hashtag-ing All the Way to the White House: A Look at the 2016 Presidential Race on Social Media

The 2016 presidential candidates have been in the news these past few months, with a lot of politics being discussed over social media. Social media has risen to be one of the best tactics for campaigns and can be especially beneficial for politicians. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, politicians are trying their best to [...]

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5 Reasons to Take a Post-Grad Internship

After being involved with your PRSSA Chapter and interning during college, being an intern following graduation may not sound too appealing. But the right internship will offer you much more than mastering the copy machine. You might be working at the bottom of the food-chain, but having the ability to learn on the job is [...]

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Why PR Students Need to Read Case Studies (and How to Get the Most Out of Them)

Growing up, I loved to read. I would read anything I could get my hands on, including the cereal box during breakfast. I still love reading, but sometimes I struggle to get through assigned readings for classes. This was the case in the Public Relations Management class I took last quarter. With more than 20 [...]

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International Public Relations: Combining My Love for Travel and My Passion for Public Relations

Each morning I walk down cobblestone streets, board a trolley car, pass the royal palace and head to my internship where I can look out of my window to a fjord from the North Sea. Now let me start off by saying, I didn’t know anyone in the company prior to my start and I [...]

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5 Reasons to Write for Your Student Newspaper

With participation in student-run firms and internships taking precedence in the “free time” of public relations majors, writing for your school’s newspaper may seem like a waste of time, but I assure you it is not. This past year, I served as an editor of my school’s student newspaper, the Yellow Jacket. Through this experience, [...]

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June Monthly Reading Round-Up — Caitlyn Jenner’s PR Strategy, Inspiration From Dad, Climate Change Crusaders

Another month has flown by and so have plenty of articles related to our ever growing and changing field of public relations. Even in the summer months we are often busy and bombarded by enough news to remember to check top sites and blogs for specific industry news. This marks the beginning of a new [...]

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City Series: Building a Network in the Robust Charlotte Public Relations Landscape

Four years ago, I was a Virginia Tech graduate (and former PRSSA member) with a public relations degree in hand, hoping to relocate and claim a spot for myself in Charlotte’s public relations industry. After six weeks of job searching, I succeeded and found myself in a city full of opportunity, ambition and creativity. I’m [...]

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To Bid or Not To Bid: Benefits of Hosting a Regional Conference Part One

One of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences a Chapter can have is hosting a Regional Conference. I may be a little biased, but here are just a few reasons why your Chapter should consider taking that leap and bidding to host: 1.     Event Planning 101 Most of the time, people see event planning [...]

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